Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

To all of my fellow Americans, I hope that you all enjoy a wonderful day today, relax, have fun with friends and family, eat lots of good food and enjoy some fireworks for me!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Head and Hands

First off the head - I've had a mild to strong headache for over a week now which is really seriously kicking my arse. I think that it is weather related - we've had some really big ups and downs and serious temperature and climate changes the past 2 weeks here. Its not a migraine luckily, just an annoying headache that is there when I wake and there when I go to bed. At first I tried to medicate it out, but thats not working and I refuse to be popping Advil every three hours in hopes that it suddenly works - my stomach is thanking me for no longer forcing it to digest Ibuprofen. I've tried my migraine pills twice and no relief from them either. Now I'm just sitting and waiting it out and making the bf massage my temples every now and then.

Obviously the headache is not helping the WIPs proceed any faster, but some are moving along.

My blanket I am proud to say is now in the middle of repeat number 21! I'm getting there! I hope to have it finished before I go to Z├╝rich on Sunday.

Monsieur Monkey's body is all sewn up, arms attached. I still need to attach the legs but I am not happy with their length, so I think I might add a few rows to them. I still gotta figure out how to make his tail, along with attaching his ears and embroidering his little face onto him. All in all probably about 30 minutes of work, I just need to motivation to finish him up.

I am re-making the weaved hot pad that I made for Mimi. As I do so I am writing down the pattern this time! I have actually in my head now two different versions. The one with the square and the two ovals and then a new version with a square and two more rectangular shapes. Also I've been thinking of triangles lately so perhaps there is something there as well in a new design......I need more hours in the day!

I've also been typing up the pattern finally for my Broomstick Sideways scarf. I finally found where I had it written down.

Okay, that is it for now. I have a TON to do at work today so I had best get busy on it! Happy Crocheting & knitting & general craftiness everyone!