Monday, August 28, 2006

Can't we take a vote????

I mean, a vote is the democratic way. Why should one group of men sit around and decide the planetary fate of the whole universe? What about a Grandfather Clause? I mean come on! Its been acknowledged as a planet for years and years.

How am I going to remember the planets now? Do you all recall....

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas

Which represented:

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

I'll probably say the same thing but then correct myself... "Neptune and Pluto...oh oops! Thats right, Plutos not a planet anymore.

So how will kidlets in science classes around the world recall the planets now......My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us.....

Nicotine??? Nah, she would not be very educated then
Nothing??? Nope, again that would show a lack of education in our starvation
Nerds??? Tooth rot and decay here we come....not a very smart Mother
Nutella??? The Swiss rejoice but those with nut allergies perish

I think that we should listen to what the masses have to say....a world wide vote to restore the status of our beloved little Pluto as our 9th planet!

*sigh* I really need to come back to reality as the "educated" egg heads have spoken.....

Pluto....we will miss you!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Goal before the start of the September Scarves CAL

I have joined a CAL at Fiber Freaks to make this scarf (and as many others as I can in 1 month) for a September Scarves CAL.

I looked today to decide on what yarn I am going to use and have been taunted by the yarn ever since to start the project.

I have decided that since I seem to want to make this scarf so badly, I will set myself a pre-beginning goal of having 50% of my outstanding WIPs done before I pick up the hook to start this scarf!

To the best of my knowledge, here is a list of my outstanding WIPs:

*3 doilies
*The Princess Frog
*Miscellaneous turtle parts
*baby blanket for my sister
*Christmas card snowflakes (not a chance I'll get enough done)
*1 dishcloth
*Cross Stitch project (almost done.....)

WIP but not counted in the numbers:
*2 scarves (not the one for the CAL....these are both in infancy, so I will finish them during the CAL)
*2 doll blankets (these are in the US though so they can not count)

My goal to consider the turtles done would be 4 turtles, and for the snowflakes 5.

Knowing my own limits and speed, I will say that 50% will be completing 2 of the doilies, 4 turtles, 5 snowflakes and the dishcloth while making some progress on the blanket and the cross stitch project!

Rather ambitious, but I think that I should be able to complete the majority in the next week or so! Wish me luck!

OMG.......its finished!!!

In just a little over a day.......including 12 hours of sleep, a shopping trip and 1.5 books read I finished the Garterlac Dishcloth!

Here it is in all its finished glory - yarn used Peaches & Creme in Peppermint

When I do my next dishcloth, I will pick a color pattern that has more than one color change - I don't think that the dual colored yarn shows the pattern as well as others I've seen.

Lani - I totally agree that this was a fun knit!! It was so cool to see what happened next!

Wendy - Based on my time and Lani's time, I don't think that you need to worry about finding too large of a chunk of time to devote towards this dishcloth! I will be waiting patiently....well, patience is not one of my virtues, so I'll be waiting impatiently to read that you are starting in on yours!!

Deneen - Go for the knitting! Its such great fun.....I was so hesitant to start knitting, but I sat down and figured it out - I am still very basic, so this dishcloth will not be too far out of your reach! Especially as it is all knit stitch, with some basic increasing and decreasing!

Saturday, August 26, 2006


I've found an addiction folks!

Knitting is a VERY slow process for me, especially when its something new or I am still questioning what was in my mind when I decided to combine both new and complicated in the form of a simplified Enterlac project! *gulp* Yup, I said Entrelac which is a scary four letter world in my rather basic beginner level knitting realm.

I started this: Garterlac Dishcloth last night and as of 2 minutes ago I had started layer 5 of 7! Wow! I have never been so compelled to keep knitting than I have with this project!

It is a fascinating project that seems a bit weird when you start it (and a bit downright scary!) but if you stick with it and do exactly as the directions say without any right or left brain inputs, you will be amazed to watch it turn from three wonky little triangles into an awesome dishcloth! I kept knitting on it last night just to see what it was going to look like next!

I'd like to thank Deneen for pointing this pattern out, and Lani for giving me hope that I might be able to actually do it after seeing hers!

Okay, back to knitting!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Back and in business!!

I arrived back in Brussels on Thursday and have managed to get over my jet-lag rather quickly this time! I am still a bit tired, but I think that is because I've been getting too much sleep!

No issues this time on my carry-ons as I checked everything except a few books, my PC and a Cross Stitch sampler I am making - did not want to risk loosing my hooks and needles...nor that lethal ball of thread! I tried to doze on and off for most of the flight while listening to my Ipod and watching the was something with Jake Gyllenhal (yeah, I probably spelled that one wrong) that I had no interest in, but it was fun to watch and make up in my own mind what was being said when I could not read the lips.

I have a ton to do at work now to catch up....yee haw!

My Aunt loved the Turtles - now to get busy and make some more for her! She said that one of them would probably become the Peds cool is that? *grin*

I have been working on some designs for coasters - hopefully I can get the patterns written down soon!

Off to get some work done! Have a great Friday and a great weekend!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thing that make you go hmmm...

Hello from the US!!

I made it safe and sound. The security lines were massive. They pushed us through the metal detectors and x-ray machines fairly quickly (the US going passengers had their own scanner lines) and then we waited for almost 2 hours in a second security line to have everything personally searched and gone through.

It was hit and miss as to what they woulc allow you to bring. Some people were foreced to check their laptops which I would have been furious at as that is against my company policy. And to make it worse, some of the laptops checked never made it to the other end! I would be spewing right now! Luckily they let me take mine on with me.

I asked about my knitting needles and crochet hooks when I checked in and they said that they would be fine to take.

Come time for the security check of my stuff......they first looked at the needles - I explain what they are and say that they are the same as a pencil which I had in the bag.....they said okay to the needles and that yarn. The crochet hook they did not like....nor my ball of thread. The hook I can understand. The thread though????? What is the difference between that and yarn? What, am I going to do bop someone on the head with it? Strangle someone? Oh wait a minute, I have a sweater that was made out of a thin strand - I told the lady if she took my thread away that I could undo my sweater in 5 minutes and have another ball of thread....she glared at me but I did not care that that point. She put it in a bag and asked me to put my name on it saying that I would get it when I got to chicago. Not a chance! Thats one thread and hook I will never see again!

Oh well! I made it safe and sound and thats what counts!
I am off to pick up the neice and nephew - have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Its almost time for vacation!

I have to finish work today, then tomorrow and then its time for vacation! Woo hoo!!!

I am so excited about seeing my nephew and neices, especially the newest addition Abby! My older sisters two children are going to be fighting over who gets to have Aunt Kim sleep in their room - both are determined I think that I sleep in with them! I've also been informed that I get to take them both shopping.....imagine that! Andrew wants to go to Toy R Us and Target (not really sure why Target, but thats cool with me) and Megan just wants to go buy hair pretties. She also thinks a trip to the movies to eat popcorn and drink Root Beer sounds like a good idea!

I am still working on my trial run on the baby blanket that I am knitting - I am about 7 reapeats into the pattern of 25 repeats and so far it is looking good. I made a mistake on the first repeat as I was learning the pattern but it is barely noticeable so I did not choose to go back and frog it. I hope that I will be able to bring my needles on the plane with me so that I can get a few more repeats done. I switched from the aluminum needles to a pair of bamboo needles, so hopefully those will be allowed! I'll stick a crochet pattern in as well as a just in case since I've not had issues with my hooks going to America.

Spent a quiet night at home alone last night for a change. Meti was watching a football match with some friends and I spent the evening curled up on the couch re-reading a few old books. I'll meet Meti tonight probably - he asked to go for some drinks tonight after I get out of work.

Anyways it is now just under 2 days until I am on a plane out of here!

Its the final countdown........

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bit by the Tag Bug!

I've been tagged!! Stacey from Serenity Now tagged me for the 6 Weird Things Meme that has been going goes!

1. I prefer to go barefoot, and will take my shoes off at every opportunity, especially if they are sandals or flats

2. I like to sleep bundled up in my covers / duvet / blanket no matter what the heat is like - I find it impossible to sleep unless I am wrapped up

3. I eat mayonnaise on my French fries (not really weird unless you are an American!)

4. The sound of someone else brushing their teeth or filing their nails drives me nuts...its like nails on a chalkboard reaction to both

5. I can cry while watching just about any movie....I can find the one sad thing and turn into a watering pot in the middle of a comedy

6. I absolutely despise diet pop and will drink it only if I am about ready to perish from thirst....or if it is mixed with alcohol as in Slush!

Well, as for who I am going to tag in return....hopefully I can pick several folks who have not already been bit by the tag bug!

The lucky folks are..... Mimi ; Debi ; Vik ; Isela ; Marvie