Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Crazy Cloth

The Crazy Cloth Dishcloth

Cotton – I used a cotton that is about equivalent to a size 3 thread in the US. The lady who taught this dishcloth to me used Cotton Carpet Warp for hers.

Hook – Appropriate for size yarn – I used a size 2 steel hook

Stitches used :

Sc = single chain
Dc = double chain
Ch = chain
Sl st = slip stitch
Cluster = Ch 3 and 3 Dc in space indicated


Wrap yarn around your middle and index finger 5 times. Grasping the loops with your thumb and index finger, Sc around the circle and connect with a Sl st to the first Sc.

Ch 3, 3 Dc in next 3 Sc

Cluster (Ch 3, 3 Dc) in the space between the 2nd and 3rd Dc

Ch 3, turn and Sl st in the space between the Ch 3 and the first Dc of the cluster just made. Cluster in the same space.

Cluster in space between 2nd and 3rd Dc of the cluster just made. Sl st in Ch 3 space of first Cluster to attach the two clusters together. (Square of 4 clusters)

Cluster in Ch 3 space of first cluster. Ch 3, turn, Sl st in Ch 3 space of cluster just made. (picture before turn)

Cluster in same space, Sl st in Ch 3 opposite (Rectangle of 6 clusters - picture)

Cluster in same Ch 3 space.

Cluster in space between 2nd & 3rd Dc of previous cluster, attach with a Sl st in Ch 3 space of the cluster to the left.

Cluster in the same Ch 3 space, Ch 3, turn and attatch with a Sl st to Ch 3 space of the cluster just made. (picture before turn)

Cluster in same Ch 3 space, attatch with a Sl st in the Ch 3 space of the cluster to the left.

Cluster in the same Ch 3 space.

Cluster in space between 2nd and 3rd Dc of the cluster just made. Sl st in the Ch 3 space to the bottom left and Cluster in that same spot.

Sl st in the Ch 3 space to the bottom left and Cluster in that same spot. (left picture below)

Ch 3, turn, Sl st in Ch 3 space of cluster just made. (right picture below)

Cluster in the same Ch 3 spot, and attach with a Sl st to the Ch 3 space of the Cluster to the left. Cluster in that spot, and attach with a Sl st to the Ch 3 space of the Cluster to the left.

Continuing working the following pattern until you have reached the length you desire.

Cluster in the current space, Cluster in space between 2nd and 3rd Dc of Cluster just made, attatch with a Sl st to the Ch 3 space of the Cluster to the left.

Cluster in that space, attatch with a Sl st to the Ch 3 space of the Cluster to the left until you come to the side.

Cluster in the top of the two clusters on the side and then Ch 3, turn and attach to the Ch 3 space of the Cluster just made.

Cluster in the Ch 3 space, attach to the Ch 3 space to the left until you reach the top.

Cluster in the top Ch 3 space, cluster in the space between the 2nd and 3rd Dc of the cluster just made, attach with a Sl st to the Ch 3 space of the cluster to the left.

Continue to CLuster and attatch with a Sl st until you reach the side.

Once again Cluster in the top of the two side Clusters, Ch 3, turn and attach to the Ch 3 space of the Cluster just made.

Cluster in the Ch 3 space, attach to the Ch 3 space to the left until you reach the top and join with a Sl st in the Ch 3 space.

Once you get the beginning section done, the pattern goes very quickly and easily.

If you have questions on this pattern (or if my directions do not make sense to you) please send me an e-mail [ kaml19 [at] yahoo [dot] com] or leave a comment.

Legal jargon:

Copyright © 2006 Kimberly Langlois All rights reserved.

Reproducing or transmitting this pattern by any means for any purpose other than for personal use constitutes a violation of copyright law.

This dishcloth may be made for personal use only. Should you wish to make the finished dishcloths for sale, please contact for permission. Should you wish to use this pattern for a class or event, please contact for permission.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Working continues......

To kick my butt!

I am so swamped here at work that I feel bad about taking my daily "smoke break" and surfing the internet.......but my colleagues are all out smoking so its only fair in my mind!

I am trying to write up the pattern with a picture tutorial for the dishcloth and stitch. It really is an easy stitch - nice to throw in a bag and take with you as you don't need to concentrate once you get a few rows under your belt and understand what the concept is. Hopefully I will get out of work tonight at a decent time (i.e. before 9 hopefully which is what its been lately) and can get home and get some work done...not only am I behind on the craft front, but my apartment looks like WWIII struck it and a mini-tornado went through my craft / yarn section.

Things with the boyfriend are still going fine. Yup, I said boyfriend. Been dating since July really. I have not said much about him as I was not sure how much time he would be around for. Hes originally from Kosovo, but has been living in Z├╝rich, Lille France and now Brussels for a while. He does not speak English that well, so we do all of our communication in French. Let just say that my French is once again rapidly improving out of sheer necessity!

I am getting so excited about my December vacations! Only 45 days now until I leave! Where is the time going???? Wheeee! I really can not wait to see my bestest friend Zori and of course Vik! Yarn shopping (and shopping for everything else) here we come *grin* Lets hope that my credit card and ATM card can handle the stress of shopping in New York, Argentina, Chicago and of course in Michigan over the holidays. No more shopping for me for the next 45 days so I can save some money up....although I did see a really cute pair of shoes, and some more yarn and a few shirts and a book or two that has come out...... (yup, I'm a shop-a-holic at times, although not too bad of one!)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

My Broomstick Scarf & Dishcloth

I finally remembered to take a picture of the Broomstick Lace Scarf that I designed. I've written up the pattern and a few folks from Fiber Freaks are testing it out for me! I used two different sizes of needles to give it the small and large variation of the broomstick lace. The yarn was Linie 12 Clip Cotton in a light blue color.

Next up - I believe that I mentioned that while I was home in August I met a lady who was crocheting at the eye doctor while waiting for her husband. We got to talking about crocheting and knitting and she offered to send me the pattern if she could find a written version of it. She had been taught the pattern from her Great-Aunt and it was the only crochet item that she could make! She could not read or write patterns herself but at one point someone that she new had tried to write the pattern down for her.

2 weeks after I got back to Belgium I was pleasantly surprised to receive the pattern in the mail! I put it aside after trying it twice and not having any luck on it. This past week I decided to try it one more time, and what do you know....the third time was the charm!

Here is my finished version of the dishcloth, done in a coral cotton that I bought in Spain 2 years ago that has been waiting for the perfect project!

I sent Lucile a nice thank you note for sharing her wonderful pattern with me along with a few snowflakes that I had made....she spends her winters down in Texas so I figured a nice reminder of what she is "missing" up north would be a nice way to say thanks! =)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hi, my name is Kimberly, and I'm......

Addicted to I-Tunes.

Okay, perhaps not addicted, but wildly attracted to. I would normally in a given year buy 5 or 6 CDs, usually compilation CDs of the years biggest songs.

Since April, I've bought 14 albums and numerous single songs.....a grand total of 270 songs.

I know of others who are worse, but do I really need to buy all of these songs????? I think not, and yet its like an addiction - I just can not seem to stop going to I-Tunes and seeing what new music has been added....and videos....and games for my I-Pod.

I seem to have an easily addicted personality and the need to acquire more when I should be focusing on less.....I-tunes, yarns, hooks and needles, books, shoes, tea, boyfriends...... *grin*

Well, I'm off to search I-Tunes for that next great song that I just HAVE to have.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

From Portugal, With Love

Okay, I am a bit late on this, but better late than never!

Here are some pics I snapped in Portugal.....from the bus (sorry about the window glare) and from the boat ride that we took!

I'm still waiting for the official pics to come back from the of these days!

A Portugese Sunset:

Just exactly how fast was the bus moving to get this picture......

Portugese Fishing Boats

The Eastern Atlantic Coastline

Picture of Lisbon from the Boat

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Bored at work for a change.....
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What you do not want to hear while you are beading. Honestly!

I thought that I would be a good person and get started on some Christmas gifts and pulled out my beads and wire to put together some earrings and of course some stitch markers for those in my life who knit / crochet.

While gathering all of the paraphernalia to set on the kitchen table I thought to myself that perhaps i should wait and start when I was not that tired but I convinced myself that all would be okay.

So away I start working, sorting beads and trying to find some inspiration. I decide that I want to use the middle seed beads that are in my stacking tower. I grab the stack and start to untwist totally not paying attention. ping ping ping ping "Oh crap!!!!"

Yup, if you have not figured it out, I untwisted upside down. I luckily caught it before all of the beads came pouring out. A good number did escape.....some fell onto the rug underneath the table and gave a little bounce and stayed put. The ones that fell on the hardwood floors....well I think that I will be finding beads when I vacuum for months! I never knew that beads could jump so far across the room.

I cleaned the mess up, made a few more items up and now I've called it a night. Hopefully I've learned my lesson to pay attention when I start opening containers with lots of small round things that can go all over the place!

Monday, October 16, 2006

My Celeb Collage

Showing my version of the recent blog craze!

I have seen these so far on Deneen's blog, Vik's blog and Mimi's blog!

Heres a hint to you as well.....make sure your hair is not pulled back! I tried it first with a picture with my hair back....not a good idea! According to that picture I look the most like Ozzy Osbourne, Dan Rather, Dermot Mulroney and James Gandolfini!! How scary is that! There were 2 females at the bottom of the list of 8 - Hayden Panettiere (I can see that one) and Son Ye-Jin.

Hawaii Earthquake

Well, my parents are okay after the earthquake! They were at Kona this morning on a cruise ship when the quake hit! My Mum said that the boat was tossed pretty heavily, but all are okay!

What a thing to wake up to...I'd imagine it was the same feeling that you get when you are on one of the old waterbeds and someone jumps on it and you are tossed all over the place!

Sunday night knitting.....

I am sitting here with a glass of wine and several unfinished and finished projects surrounding me. Although since the wine bottle is over half gone, I am not sure how good some of the kntting (and a little crocheting) has been going!

I am making progress on my Brea Bag - so far so good! I am doing it in the same green yarn that I did one of the One Skein scarves in - matching bag and scarf pattern!

The blue jeans are slowly being cut into strips to start that bag. Its a slow process as I quickly loose the desire to keep cutting. The first pair of jeans is done and I started on the second tonight.

I finished blocking my Broomstick scarf - I'll have to get a picture of it up! I am stil trying to decide what to do with my pattern. Jenny says that I should try to get it published.....I might try submitting it for the 2008 Crochet-a-day Calendar....decisions decisions!

I am also trying to work out a few other broomstick patterns - a second scarf, a dishcloth, a hat and a shawl. The designs are there, I've written out my general scematics for the ideas, but my issue is finding the time to actually crochet that much! I am a notoriously slow crocheter, so pattern design is a wee bit difficult for me!

Okay I hope that everyone had a great weekend and that you all have a great week!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pretty much me.....

Saw this on Deneens blog and Veras....potentially on others as well, but I am trying to catch up on blog reading after a hectic week finishing up my budget for 2007, doing the quarter end report with the US and a ton of other things!

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hello from Dublin!

I am sitting in the airport terminal waiting for my flight back to brussels - its been a long week and weekend - first in Portugal and then in Dublin. Had a great time in both though! I met up with an old friend in Dublin and of course stopped into a few of my local bars from when I lived in Dublin.

I have not gotten really any crocheting or knitting done, but I've relaxed some which was well needed!

Will get busy this coming week as I have tons of things to do!

Talk to you all soon! I'll have to get busy and catch up on bloglines and blog reading!