Sunday, February 27, 2011


Well I am out from under the rock...okay...back from the work trips to Tampa FL and San Jose Costa Rica. Busy 2 weeks in my world, but I was able to get some crocheting done...amazing!

A friend of mine is a board member for a not-for profit organization that deals with homelessness for Chicago area women. They are having an event this week and SiSi asked me to make something for their auction. After thinking about it, I decided to make up some play yarn food, and this is what I created for the auction:

Fried Eggs and a Fruit and Veggie basket. There were also 2 cupcakes that missed the photo shoot.

I think the boyfriend gave a cheer when he saw that I was using up some of my yarn stash....we will not tell him about the additional 2 balls that I bought this week to make a felted purse! Ssshhhh! lol If I put it up in the yarn room he will never notice right?

Progress continutes on the new Star will be posted next time!

Have a great week every one!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Already??

Sunday, February 13th...time approx 9:20 pm....26 hours and 40 minutes until the pain of yet another Valentine's Day is over with....can someone please tell me why no matter how hard I pray this day always seems to come?

I hinted to the boyfriend that I would have to work super long tomorrow as we were on vacation all last week and I am only in the office 2 days this week as I leave Tuesday on a business trip. His response...we'll work something out...I am not going to not see you for a week. I forgot to give him my usual "I hate Valentines Day" speech that I have given every other boyfriend....not sure why I did not...perhaps I was trying hard not to think about the upcoming day of doom.

Yep, Day of Doom. The stress and pressure of this one little day is enough to ruin relationships, marriages, name it, it can be destroyed on this one day. This holiday puts WAY too many expectations on the other partner, and I do not want that kind of stress!

An example......The search for the perfect card:

Awww, this one is cute...oh god, its too cutesy hes going to think that I am an empty headed bimbo if I pick this card.

Okay, here is a humorous one....ha ha ha..that's funny....oh wait! He won't think that I am taking our relationship seriously if I give him this card!

Aha! This one says it all.....spending time together....finding the perfect guy.....ARGH!!!!! Now hes going to think that I am way into him.....what if hes not that much into me as well? He'll feel sorry for me....tell his friends that I am making a fool out of myself over no. no.

That's it. I won't give him a card..... but what if he gives me a card...I won't have one to give him.....he'll think that I am not interested in him.....AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

And anyways, this can't be a good brings out way too many of the deadly sins....

Wrath - How dare you forget to buy me a card and flowers?!?!?
Lust - Ooohh Baby!!!! You be looking gooooooooooood...I'm gonna get me some!
Greed - What else did you get
Envy - Mary Jane's boyfriend got her a new necklace...I want to be her
Gluttony - That's it - only one more chocolate....well just one more......
Sloth - Yeah, I'll go get her a card.....maybe tomorrow (the result - see wrath)
Pride - I am the best one is better than me....

Okay....I stretched it a bit on finding an example of Pride...but the others are all ones that happen!!

So join me folks on my mad dash for the hills as I try to avoid yet another appearance of this holiday that causes relationships to break down, single people to develop severe depression, marriages to falter, sins to appear and insanity to develop on the card aisles as people start talking to themselves and screaming as they quest for the perfect card!

(Psst - if you've been a follower of my blog for a while, you are not going crazy, the search for the perfect card and the seven sins are a repost from 2006...why re-write what is perfectly written right???)