Friday, May 01, 2009

Spring is here!!!!

And with the arrival of spring comes allergy season and of course, spring cleaning!  Or at least that is the plan for the weekend at the Maison de Kimberly!
My apartment has next to nothing when it comes to storage.  I have 2 closets, one filled with coats, and the other filled with suitcases, ironing board and the vacuum cleaner.  I have 2 wardrobes for my clothes, and one small little dresser.  That is it.
Hence the reason the bookshelves are over flowing, clothes are piled up on top of boxes, crafting supplies litter the living room, and overall general chaos exists in my apartment.
I hate it.
I really do.
I can exist and live happily in it, but at the same time it annoys me when I actually stop moving at a 100 miles an hour and actually take a look around.
So I have decided that this weekend will be a cleaning weekend.  Ruthlessness will come out and things will be thrown away.  Those papers I've had for the 6 years I've lived here?  Gone!  Out the door.  The miscellaneous odds and ends I've kept just in case.....binned!
We will see if I succeed or not.....but away I go to dive into the deep end...cluttered bookshelf number one your minutes are numbered!
And within that cleaning spree is the decision to finish the gazillion unfinished projects i have lying around or else frog them.