Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer of 2011...The Bucket List

So my summer is going to be filled once again with insane working hours.  Wanting to make sure I take some me time out of my schedule, I have decided to write a bucket list for the Summer of 2011 with everything that I want to do to make sure my mental sanity stays intact!
Here is the current list:
* Go to the Drive In Movies
* Go on a Picnic
* Watch the Sun rise over Lake Michigan
* Watch the Sun set over Lake Michigan
* Eat an Ice Cream Cone
* Drink a Glass of Wine on the Deck
* Take a Nap in the sun
* Swing on a Swingset
* Fingerpaint
* Run a 5 K race
* Go for a Midnight Slurpee run
* Build a sandcastle
* Bike ride up to Wisconsin
Additional suggestions gladly taken...leave a comment with what you think I should add to my summer list!