Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hellllloooooooo! =)

I'm back. I think.

That cold kicked my butt - almost a full month sick, 2 weeks super bad, 1 week where everyone told me I should go back home and one week still coughing a little bit and sinuses still draining a little bit. What a nasty bug this one was!

I've not touched my hooks and needles since being back at all really. Not sure why, just no ambition to do so. A little bit depressed and sad and of course the normal over-worked and underpaid at the job.

I have had some pattern acquisitions thanks to a co-worker who brought me back some wonderful pattern books from a fair she went to in Paris. There is on Amigurumi Japanese and one Dou-Dous book which is French for children's toys and of course that on is in French! What great fun I'll have!

Here are some pics:

Japanese Book 1 Japanese Book 2

Cute no?

I promise to get myself back to my normal crafting self some time soon.......thanks for bearing with me! I do have a bunch of projects in various stages and some just waiting to be sewn up, so perhaps I'll have some finished items and pattern reviews coming soon......and of course there will be the fun of my learning to do Japanese patterns!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ah crud!

Ah crud...literally. I got that crappy icky nasty cold / virus that is going around and I've been laid up in bed pretty much all week, working from home via my laptop whenever I could find the energy.

I am starting to get better, just in time for the weekend and for my friend Zori to come visit - yay!

A few things for show and tell today.

First up, my new Knitting Needle holder, which is probably older than me! This lovely holder came to me from my Grandma. She had given me her yarn stash about a year ago, but had held on to her needles. My Grandfather gave me the holder and her needles after the funeral. Now, every time I go to get a new needle, I will think of Grandma.

Grandmas Needle Holder

Next up is the hat I made for Meti while back in the US. This hat provided some well needed laughter and relief at times when I would pull it out and stick it on my Dad's head for sizing....we laughed because the hole in the top of the hat where the needles were would showcase ever so wonderfully that little patch of "clear hair" that my Dad has on the top of his head!

A hat for Meti 1a A hat for Meti 1b

And last up today is a wonderful surprise that was waiting for me here in Belgium when I arrived back. It was hand delivered while I was in the US by my friend Zori, all the way from Argentina. Thank you Vik! It was so bright and cheery - I smiled when I opened it up!

Cotton from Vik

I am off to eat some more Chicken Noodle soup! Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Thank yous

I just wanted to send out large THANK YOUs to all of you who have left comments, kept me and my family in your thoughts and prayers, sent e-mails etc the past 2 weeks.

It has meant a lot to me and has kept me going to knows that I have such wonderful on-line friends.

I am back in Belgium now and I promise that some regular knitting and crocheting news is on its way!

Stay tuned!