Monday, August 18, 2008

My 3 day weekend is over, and for the most part I was lazy.....if you don't consider the 12 loads of laundry, cooking and dishwashing that I cleaning - place is still a disaster, but I will fix that one soon hopefully!

I did drag Meti onto his first roller coaster in about 20 years....he was not too sure of it, but did say he had fun. But refused to even consider going on it again or anything else for that matter! I'm a HUGE coaster fan so that is not a good sign for our relationship *grin* Will just have to take my nephew how seems to share my "no fear" policy and has since his very first coaster.

The Flower carpet was in Brussels this weekend - absolutely gorgeous once again. They make this HUGE carpet of flowers every other year here. Simply stunning.

And last but not least, some crafting progress is being made! Lookee! I have 2 finshed dishcloths that flew off my hooks in no time at all, and the Crafting in Public shot...I pulled out my purse dishcloth and was working on that while having a beer and people watching at the Irish Pub next to the Bourse (Belgian Stock Exchange building)

Have a great week!

Vacation snap shots

I did finally get my pictures loaded from my Camera to my PC.....these are only the ones from the second half of the trip after I bought the new camera....still waiting for my parents to download their pictures on-line (hint hint Dad!)

A quick snap shot of my and the kiddies…Andrew was mad because we had to take more pictures, and Abby just want to get to the Piano to plink plunk away on it. So did I if I tell the truth! I miss not playing the piano and wish I had rented one over here…heck, I could have bought one and had it paid off in the 5 years I’ve been here! Will get back into it when I move to the US…..might actually decide to take lessons….nah, 30 years of self teaching has worked fine so far! I’m happy just to fiddle around with it.

Another Gorgeous Lake Michigan sunset. Saw this one with my big sis Becky.
Here are the kids in front of the Mackinaw Ice Cutter at the Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven.
I think we have a new job career in mind…..she looked a natural sitting up there steering the Canadian Coast Guard boat we toured. Actually she is determined at this point in her life that she is going to be a chef when she grows up!
My Mom, my sisters and me.
Some pictures of the weekend and the most recent crafting come up! Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yes, I am back!

Hi everyone.
I am indeed back from vacation now.  Just in a funk and not able to get back into the swing of things.  Jet lag seems to be really hitting me hard this year....I think I can blame it on the fact that I turned another year older while away....the whole jump into a new decade must have worn me right out!  =)
Vacation was great.  I spent 2 great weeks in Michigan with the family.  Spent a lot of time at the beach with the nieces and nephew - even managed to get my youngest niece to be unafraid of the water......took about 45 minutes of coaxing and holding her on my lap and slowly getting her in before she suddenly snapped and went off a trucking into the water!  we would look at her and her teeth would be chattering from the water and we would ask her if she was col and she would asy "Yes...coooold" so we would take her out and dry her off and set her in the sun.  Yet, within a minute she would be off and heading back towards the water - she really loved it!  She got over her sand phobia also and was bellied out in the sand pulling it towards her.  Too cute!
Did get the Cool Aunt award for my car this vacation!  I rented a convertible and the kids loved it.  Called it the Red Rocket and said it was the best car.  I took the kids and my mom into Grand Haven to see the Coast Guard Ice Cutters and on the way back to the mall for lunch I looked in my rear mirror while going down the highway and saw 4 little hands sticking up.  I glanced behind me and the 2 kids have their hands up in the air while giong down the highway and were saying "Whhheeeeeeee!!!" and giggling like crazy! 
I did buy a new camera while home - mine had finally kicked the bucket so as a happy birthday present to me gift, I went out and bought a new one.  I really like it as it is smaller than my old one.  Still need to get the software installed on my PC so that I can download the pictures, perhaps I'll do that this weekend!
I joined the Mystery Stole 4....will see if I can actually not only start the project this year, but actually finish this one as well!
Joined up for the Ravelry Olympics, but I am behind and have not started my project yet....I'm considering myself one of the last events of the games =)
Okay, I really must run and get back to work.  Will start to write more and will show you what I have been working on.  I did finish a few small projects while home (play yarn food - sausage and bacon) but of course forgot to take the pictures.