Friday, December 19, 2008

Hola from Buenos Aries!!!!

A quick picture of me, Zori & Leen out and about in Buenos Aries last night. Having a great time down here will be sad to leave tomorrow but also happy to go on and visit 2 days with my Grandfather. Vacation is flying by faster than the speed of light - wish I had another week or two or three here to enjoy!

More details on the trip to come. I did manage to find 2 yarn stores so far, will see if I visit any more tomorrow with Vik!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Only 2 more to go....

Days that is!  I leave Friday morning for my 2.5 week voyage.  I am flying first to New York and then on to Argentina.  I will spend a week there and then fly to McAllen Texas to visit my Grandfather for 3 days, and i will then fly up on the 23rd to Chicago and drive around to Michigan for a week with my parents and all my nieces and nephew!
A VERY busy time, but all will be well worth the time spent on airplanes and waiting in airports. 
And did I mention that I am in Zürich tomorrow?  Ick!  But I am going for a good reason so that makes it worth the additional airplane time this year.
I am busy working on a few last minute Christmas presents - hopefully my time on planes and airports will be well spent!
I hope that everyone has a great few weeks and will talk to you all soon!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pattern Tester Needed

Anyone have a days time on their hand to knit up a charted dishcloth?  I have the dishcloth both charted and written out so anyone comfortable with either method would be able to knit my newest design.
If anyone is interested, please contact me either on Ravelry (user name: Kimberly) or via e-mail at KAML19 at YAHOO dot COM
As the cloth is intended for New Years, it would need to be knit rather quickly.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Foreign Country does not equal not understood

What is it about some people that make them think that just because they are in a foreign country others will not understand what they are saying?

While eating tonight in the hotel restaurant, I had the great experience of having a "lovely" American couple sitting behind me. I would estimate that they were in their upper 60s or so.

During their conversation I heard about their romantic life and what he intends to do to her tonight. Their financial status including the cost of this trip and how American Express cards work. A rant about foreigners in America...are we not all foreigners and children of immigrants? His own sense of would the world function without him? That maintenance road workers drive around with the lights on top of their car lit up to make them feel more important the "#$*!&$# *!*$# !$*#@$*" and so on and so forth.

I really held myself together until the whole romantic escapades section came up and then I had to leave. I mean ick! I don't want to hear about that while eating dinner....well, I was done eating so while digesting my dinner.

Please, I ask everyone to consider when traveling to a foreign country to please realize that others around you just might speak your language!

In Dublin I had some French speaking people talk about me rather rudely after I told them in English that the chair they wanted to take was occupied.....the expressions on their faces when I told them after listening to them basically say how ugly and stupid and bitchy I was that "perhaps they misunderstood my English, but the chair is occupied by a friend so they can not take it" in French was priceless. Needless to say they quickly left the area.


Other than the dinner experience Zürich is good. Colder than Brussels with a covering of snow on the ground in places.

I did notice tonight that I have somehow managed to chip part of the ruby in my ring off. Not so happy about that one. Especially as I replaced not even a year ago one of the diamonds that fell out of the setting in the ring. It is not so noticeable unless you look closely at the ring, but now that I noticed it I can not help but look for it every time the ring catches my eye.


Okay, I hope that everyone has a great and wonderful week!