Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Only 2 more to go....

Days that is!  I leave Friday morning for my 2.5 week voyage.  I am flying first to New York and then on to Argentina.  I will spend a week there and then fly to McAllen Texas to visit my Grandfather for 3 days, and i will then fly up on the 23rd to Chicago and drive around to Michigan for a week with my parents and all my nieces and nephew!
A VERY busy time, but all will be well worth the time spent on airplanes and waiting in airports. 
And did I mention that I am in Zürich tomorrow?  Ick!  But I am going for a good reason so that makes it worth the additional airplane time this year.
I am busy working on a few last minute Christmas presents - hopefully my time on planes and airports will be well spent!
I hope that everyone has a great few weeks and will talk to you all soon!!


Vik said...

We are waiting for you, dear Kim!

PeWee said...

Wow, girl, you will have a busy couple of weeks! Enjoy the travels and have a blessed Christmas!!