Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A wee little hat.....

It really did turn out cute in the end and nor did it take that long in total. I will have to make some more as it seems a lot of people that i know are falling pregnant these days!

I've been trying to work on finishing up Mister Frosty but i keep messing up on the little parts and putting it aside.

Spring cleaning is in full force in my household still. I am now totally overhauling my craft area and trying to find some organization for my yarns, hooks, needles and miscellaneous accessories that I have laying about everywhere!

Taking a good look at my yarn stash I realize that I really MUST stop buying new yarn and start using up some of what I have.

The amount of thread alone that I have is amazing (to me at least) and cotton yarn seems to be everywhere. I once made a comment that I did not have much wool, and yet I find myself filling a full large crate with the stuff.

Okay, off to work I go - happy Wednesday everyone!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

French Music is not that bad

I have not spent much time listening to the french radio over here. Recently though I started listening more and have even went out and *gasp* bought a C.D. (only after trying to buy it on I-Tunes and not being able to since its in the French/Belgian version and not the US version).

I found an artist I really like, Sheryfa Luna. She won a show in France called Popstars in 2007 - rather like American Idol I believe.

I am going to try to share a video of one of her songs - it has a movie type intro but bear with it and the music will start....the words go along fairly well with the video so you know kinda what she is singing about.

The song is called "Il avait les mots" or in English "He had the words"

Will be waiting to hear your opinion on my favorite french song! Hope that everyone is having a great weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Knit one, crochet many

Finally, some pictures of what I have been doing recently. This is not all, but it gives you a starting look at what is going to be finished in the upcoming days / weeks / months =)

First up is not a project but new yarn.....I bought 2 yummy skeins of Malbrigo from a wonderful on-line store in the Netherlands. The first is more purply than what is shown.

Next up is a Baby Grannies blanket I am working on. I decided to do all the middles before moving on to the next color:
A baby's hat for a co-worker's little boy:
And last but not least, I have started on 2008 Snowflakes....hoepfully I can keep the momentum up on these. I would really like to finish at least 50 ah heck, 52 this year......lets wait and see though what I can actually do!
More projects and more pictures will be coming soon! I have a bunch of things started over here that I need to finish up soon.

Have a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Fun in the sun on an Island!

I spent the long weekend in Greece in Athens and on the island of Mykonos! It was great fun, lots of sun and LOTS of good food......although if I see another Greek Salad in the next few weeks I just might scream! I've never ate so much salad and Feta in a short period of time.

First up some pictures of Athens - both of the Acropolis - one from the streets of Plaka and the other from the hotel pool area where we stayed the night......

Next a view of Mykonos .....

From the left - 2 random French girls we met then its Te-Keisha (the birthday girl), Melissa and then Me......
The whole group of us that went - from the left - Te-Keisha, Melissa, Tomekah, Me and Matt....
I have been starting a ton of new projects the past week, but of course nothing is finished (typical me) I'll try to post some pictures soon though - need to find the time - they are up on Ravelry for the most part in my WIPs.

Talk to you all soon!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hello again. Its been a busy week finishing our financial forecast at work (telling everyone how much sales etc we are going to have for the rest of the year) so I've been a bit out of touch. I am getting back into the groove of things though and hopefully will be caught up sometime before 2009!

Crafting has been going on in the house (amazing, I know!) First up is a bag I am making with some Anchor Magicline that I had in my stash:

Next after that is the Snowman I've been working on.....he is at least stuffed now =)

Then the lantern potholder....have the middles done (some are hiding in this picture) and I am working on the white rounds.......
And some more yarn play food for my niece Megan.....
I am taking a slight vacation for an extended 4 day weekend......will be back with plenty of pictures to show! I am going with some friends to celebrate my friend Te-Keisha's birthday - fun times ahead.....hopefully with some sunshine!!!!!

Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How goes your week?

Hi everyone,

How is YOUR week going? Good I hope!

I really do not like Spring. Its great in the fact
that it means winter is over and hopefully no more
snow. But honestly, with spring comes allergy season.
Scratchy eyes, coughing, sneezing....not a whole lot
of fun I tell you! Its already hitting here in
Belgium - I woke up the other day after having my
windows open to air the apartment out and my eyes were
swollen shut and gunked over - ugh!

So now starts the frantic spring cleaning. trying to
vacuum up all of the pollen and dust that enters the
apartment. Also being done is the traditional
cleaning of the cupboards and closets. I have already
thrown out 4 large garbage bags of junk and I have
only gone through 3 of the rooms and still have the
dining room area and living room / craft section to do
- eek!!!

The boyfriend says that I need to get rid of some of
my shoes that I am not response to that
one was a huge NO! I just might buy an outfit at some
point in the future where I will need those shoes. I
can not just throw them out! I think that the BF has
about 5 pairs to my 50 pairs (not including my US
based shoe collection which he does not know about

I am working on a new crochet pattern - this bag:

I am making it using Anchor Magicline as called for in
a Pink-Red-Purple color way. I've finished 6 of the
16 squares so far....going slow as I only work on this
during slow times while not at home - waiting in
lines, on the tram / bus etc. It fits nicely in the
purse as I only need to bring one skein and hook and
just work on one square at a time.

Okay, that is about it for now. I must get back to
work as lunch time is over!

Happy Wednesday!