Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How goes your week?

Hi everyone,

How is YOUR week going? Good I hope!

I really do not like Spring. Its great in the fact
that it means winter is over and hopefully no more
snow. But honestly, with spring comes allergy season.
Scratchy eyes, coughing, sneezing....not a whole lot
of fun I tell you! Its already hitting here in
Belgium - I woke up the other day after having my
windows open to air the apartment out and my eyes were
swollen shut and gunked over - ugh!

So now starts the frantic spring cleaning. trying to
vacuum up all of the pollen and dust that enters the
apartment. Also being done is the traditional
cleaning of the cupboards and closets. I have already
thrown out 4 large garbage bags of junk and I have
only gone through 3 of the rooms and still have the
dining room area and living room / craft section to do
- eek!!!

The boyfriend says that I need to get rid of some of
my shoes that I am not response to that
one was a huge NO! I just might buy an outfit at some
point in the future where I will need those shoes. I
can not just throw them out! I think that the BF has
about 5 pairs to my 50 pairs (not including my US
based shoe collection which he does not know about

I am working on a new crochet pattern - this bag:

I am making it using Anchor Magicline as called for in
a Pink-Red-Purple color way. I've finished 6 of the
16 squares so far....going slow as I only work on this
during slow times while not at home - waiting in
lines, on the tram / bus etc. It fits nicely in the
purse as I only need to bring one skein and hook and
just work on one square at a time.

Okay, that is about it for now. I must get back to
work as lunch time is over!

Happy Wednesday!


Vik said...

Hello dear Kim!
My week is going nice, specially because today we have holiday here. And yesterday night I invited Zori to a Buenos Aires Fashion Show! Mom had invitations and gave them to me! We had a great time and laugh a lot! She´ll tell you next time you talk!

Kimberly Ryborz said...

Just passing thru to say HELLO!

was looking for fellow "hookers" and crocheters like myself on blogger, and stumbled upon your profile!

My name is Kimberly too!

PeWee said...

YOU go girl on your spring cleaning! That's motivation to hear you've thrown out 4 garbage bags already! I need to get busy!

Allergy season... we are feeling it here too!

Anonymous said...

So you DO know how to clean out junk and THROW things away!!! Can't wait until the next time you are home, I have a HUGE HUGE room that needs major chucking child.
:-):-):-) I also have a sauna AKA walk in closet of my own that just needs a dumpster to clean out tehe Spring is here along with the allergies as I know because i passed out after taking meds yesterday and slept 3 1/2 hrs while Dad worked outside.
XXXOOO love you honey MOM

Doce Croche said...

Wau!!!! beautiful your blog. I'd like!! I love crochet! Make me a visit! kisses from BRazil!

andrea pinheiro said...

Olá Adorei seu blog, vou tentar fazer a bolsa de croche, em square's, meu nome é andréa - rj - brasil, parabéns!!!! mil beijos..............