Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hello again. Its been a busy week finishing our financial forecast at work (telling everyone how much sales etc we are going to have for the rest of the year) so I've been a bit out of touch. I am getting back into the groove of things though and hopefully will be caught up sometime before 2009!

Crafting has been going on in the house (amazing, I know!) First up is a bag I am making with some Anchor Magicline that I had in my stash:

Next after that is the Snowman I've been working on.....he is at least stuffed now =)

Then the lantern potholder....have the middles done (some are hiding in this picture) and I am working on the white rounds.......
And some more yarn play food for my niece Megan.....
I am taking a slight vacation for an extended 4 day weekend......will be back with plenty of pictures to show! I am going with some friends to celebrate my friend Te-Keisha's birthday - fun times ahead.....hopefully with some sunshine!!!!!

Talk to you soon!


Yasmin said...

Looks like you have some interesting projects on the go. Would love to see the completed ones. That anchor yarn looks the colours. Can't wait to see the bag.

Mimi said...

Everything is looking the colors for your bag ;)
Enjoy your weekend!

PeWee said...

Golly, you have been busy! LOVE the yarn you are using for the bag! Can't wait to see that finished!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

I happen to chance upon your blog from someone else's site. This post about using Anchor Magicline caught my attention as I had also bought some lovely pastel varigated ones of the same brand from Australia's Spotlight last year. Made a pouch with it. Comments from friends have been more than positive. So I am sure your bag will turn out gorgeous too :)

here's a pic of my pouch: