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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fun in the sun on an Island!

I spent the long weekend in Greece in Athens and on the island of Mykonos! It was great fun, lots of sun and LOTS of good food......although if I see another Greek Salad in the next few weeks I just might scream! I've never ate so much salad and Feta in a short period of time.

First up some pictures of Athens - both of the Acropolis - one from the streets of Plaka and the other from the hotel pool area where we stayed the night......

Next a view of Mykonos .....

From the left - 2 random French girls we met then its Te-Keisha (the birthday girl), Melissa and then Me......
The whole group of us that went - from the left - Te-Keisha, Melissa, Tomekah, Me and Matt....
I have been starting a ton of new projects the past week, but of course nothing is finished (typical me) I'll try to post some pictures soon though - need to find the time - they are up on Ravelry for the most part in my WIPs.

Talk to you all soon!


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