Friday, October 23, 2009


Halloween has invaded this place that I work!
The hallways are crawling with all sorts of folk!
Monsters.....skunks....spidermen galore
Princesses and dragons and fairy tale lore
Raggedy Ann, but no sign of Andy
Muscle men, zombies, even a toad
A robot, a sorceror, a Witch and a Lion!
Wonder Woman and BatMan with Robin the Hood!
To inifinity and beyond!!!  Screamed Buzz as he passed
In rolled a pumpkin, followed by Pooh,
Dorthy from Oz and a Ninja Turtle too!
The halls were a burtsting with giggles and more,
Spooky sounding spiders and streamers a fly
The treating has ended, the chaos is done,
Now back to work, a spreadsheet awaits!