Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally Finished!

With the never ending Baby Blanket!  I did not really think that I would ever finish it, and yet let night I weaved in the last of the ends.


Overall, the project was really really easy - each motif was fairly simple....the only downside was the number of ends to weave in...which we all know that I despise doing. So of course I kept putting this project into a bag and shoving it in a corner - out of sight, out of mind! Occasionally guilt would get to me and I would start to work on it....only to be easily side tracked so back into the bag in the corner it would go!


I love the colors.....if I did it again I would probably make it larger by using more motifs.


Pictures you ask? Well, I am having slight technical difficulties in finding my camera cord - once it is found, picture will be uploaded.


I bought recently yarn to make a new Star Afghan in colors which match my family room. The first Star Afghan I made goes well with my living room chairs, so it has been moved out there permanently, so I am in need of another afghan for the family room to cuddle under. I hope that this time around the afghan goes much more smoothly for several reason. First of all is that I actually know now what I am doing - as a reminder the Star Afghan was my first Crochet Project that I started. Second is that I have the errata report which should help prevent me from going crazy wondering why the directions would not work correctly. Third and final reason I have written all out a graph with the color directions for using 3 colors like I did for the first afghan which should allow me to go faster since I will not have to think about color patterns this time!


I really want to do some thread work, so I might start a project there - perhaps some snowflakes and a doily.


I've also been busy on the house - putting up some pictures and rearranging furniture and plants. I need to go out and buy more hangings for the walls - I need at least a few more pictures in the living room / family room along with some thing for my bedroom....once I decide on what the color is going to be in the bedroom. The walls are a tan color, so I've been thinking about either going with a white or perhaps red and black accents.

Monday, January 11, 2010

As promised....

I finally fulfill a promise...pictures!

Where to begin right?

Well, let s start with the house for today.....more picture will be coming once I find more time - this weekend was rather filled with taking down all the lights and decorations.

First, from the outside - during the day and then all decorated for Christmas....

While I have been living in the new house almost 3 months, I am still getting it put together and looking like a home. Furniture has slowly been added, so I now have the majority of what I needed.

My dining room set came from my Grandparents - after my Grandmother died my Grandfather gave to me her formal dining room set as seen here....

Although I went to Michigan for the holidays I felt that I had to have a Christmas tree....here I am decorating it:

I spent some time this weekend finally crafting again. I finally got all the pieces of the baby blanket I am working on put together and started on the border - hopefully it will be done real soon! I also picked up some yarn last night.....I have decided to once again do the Star Afghan, but this time in colors to match my family room furniture.....hopefully this time will go a lot smoother since I have the error corrections which I did not have last time....talk about frustrating and wanting to pull my hair out!

Okay, have a great week everyone! Happy Crafting!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Howdy Ho Good Neighbors!

Howdy Ho Good Neighbors...ummm...do I have any neighbors left after my self imposed sporadic year + of non-blogging?  I hope so!  For those of you needing a more than sporadic input from me, I can be found on Facebook where you can stalk me to your hearts content...once you friend me that is!  The e-mail address I use on Facebook is kaml19****at**** yahoo*****dot***** com  hopefully that is not picked up by the spammers and I end up with a slew of spam  mails now!


I had a reason for blogging today...and of course I got side tracked and have lost what I wanted to say...don't cha hate when that happens?  It's like going to the fridge opening it up and then forgetting what you wanted to take out.  Oh well, if I ramble long enough it is sure to come back to me right???  Or else I'll wake up at 3 am and remember then!


Snow season is in full force here in the Chicago-land area.....I blew out the driveway last night after work of a few inches of snow....only to be met this morning with what looked like 10 more inches of it...according to the weather guy we got over 6, but they must be using an oversized ruler because that snow came over the top of my poor little snowblower which was chugging and coughing as it struggled to deal with that much snow!  I've been afraid to look out the window while here at work in case it is still snowing...I might cry as I know that I need to still blow my sidewalks off when I get home.


I got my new glass finally!  After a year of broken glasses which entailed my only wearing contact for 15.5 of he 16 hours I was awake I saw the eye doctor and got some new ones.  They have a funky retro rectangle shape and I love them!!!  I'll have to get some picture of me wearing them.....its been a while since I have posted pics...this weekend....pinky swear promise! 


Still can not remember what I wanted to blog......perhaps tomorrow I will remember!


Happy Crafting!!





Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Roll on 2010!!!

The year has started and its off to a roaring start!
After some last minute Christmas "play yarn food" knitting and crocheting I am ready to see what 2010 brings me in regards to creative urges.
Top on the list is to start an afghan to match the colors in my family room.......just as soon as I finish that pesky Baby Blanket I've been working on for ages....that is on my list for this weekend since I am taking it easy!
I am going to be sad to take down my Christmas tree.  I had several snowflakes I had made decorating the tree...hopefully next year I will be able to have even more ready.....assuming I don't give them all away like I tried to do this year!
What is on your 2010 Creative To Do list?
Aside from the afghan and snowflakes, I foresee lots of play yarn food for my youngest niece, along with scarves and hats and several doilies and household decorations for the new house.
Happy Crafting!