Wednesday, October 19, 2016

One becomes two!

Well its been almost 9 months since my last update...a very telling number.  What happens in 9 months?  Why this becomes two!

Emma Marie joined our family on August 16th of this year.  Her big sister is absolutely in awe with her baby sister. Kisses and hugs are plentiful!

Here is a smiling Miss Emma:

And a public service announcement for all crafters with careful when your kids get really silent....your one on going project becomes a tangled mess lol!

Happy Crafting!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Catching Up!

Time always seems to get away from me!  I finally found the time to update my blog as I realized that there was something in the background causing the page to re-direct.  Never could figure out what it was exactly so I updated the whole background and said good bye to the pink that I had since the first day of setting this up. won't exactly be missed by me! :-)

So Madison is now 10 months old.  She is a smiling crazy happy little bundle of energy and sunshine. 

I've spent some time the past few months working on Maddie's Felt Christmas Stocking...still not completed...hopefully in time for next year!  I never realized how intricate and how much work goes into these things!    I made Maddie and Easter Bunny hat and since then nothing.  Bought a sock monkey kit which is next up on the list!

Happy Crafting to everyone!