Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wanderlust strikes again....

Or at least thanks to some really great air plane flights I am going to be travelling a lot the next few weeks!

I spent the past weekend in Nice France and Monte Carlo Monacco - had a great time and really enjoyed seeing the sun for 2 days - I think that living in Belgium I sometimes forget what the sun looks like!

I have found time to update my places I've visited map.

I still have a large number of places that I would like to see! One day and one city at a time I guess!

I am off to Madrid this upcoming weekend, followed by trips to Rome and Lisbon with tentative plans to go to Morocco in the upcoming months!

Crafting? Ummm....I have finished a couple of snowflakes along with starting progress on a dishcloth.....but have not blocked the flakes yet so pics will be coming soon as I find some spare time to get them blocked and starched.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I want to make something.....

Honest.  I really do want to knit or crochet something.....I just don't know what.  I am itching to dig into my stash and start churning out projects again.....but I just can not get over some weird subconscious thingy that is drawing me away from the yarn.  I stare at my yarn, look at patterns and others finished items and yet there is no great big epiphany on what I will create. 
I guess I gots me the crafters blues.
Soon, I promise I will overcome this malady that has me unconsciously turning away from my beloved yarn and reaching instead for solace at the bottom of the nearest pint of Ben & Jerry's.......

Monday, March 02, 2009

Taking it easy....

This week will hopefully be a quiet one for me.  I spent the weekend near Ramstein Germany and I really need to recover.  From the 3 hour drive there and back plus a night of dancing - my feet feel like they want to seriously fall off my body!
I have a TON of upcoming travel planned.  I will spend this upcoming weekend in Brussels, and then the weekends after that are as follows:
Normandy - near Caen, spening time visiting the beaches & Mont St. Michel
Nice - Sightseeing - first time visiting
Madrid - visiting my old co-workers
Rome - Sightseeing
TBD - For my friend Te-Keisha's birthday
Plus there are tentative trips planned for Dublin and Amsterdam, along with the necessary work trips to Zurich.....crazy!!!!!
This is all in hopes of seeing everything possible before both myself and TeKeisha move back to the US.  I still do not have an exact date planned, but it is going to be in the next 6 months as my final Visa is ending June 30th.  If I choose to stay longer than this, I will switch to a permanent European contract which I have not wanted to do for various reasons.
I am off to lunch and then hopefully to get a TON done this afternoon rather quickly so that I can have an early night at home to catch up on some laundry and of course sleep!