Monday, September 15, 2008

It has to get better one of these days....

Mu blogging that is!  I am ashamed that I have not been blogging that much.  Time just does not seem to materialize to where I can grab a few minutes.  Plus a major case of sleep deprivation leading to a mind that is numb and barely functioning does not exactly result in a stimulating blog post!
I've started another round of traveling.  I am in Zürich for 3 days this week, in Dublin for the weekend, back to Zürich for 3 days next week and then potentially off to Oktoberfest two weekends in a row depending on travel schedules of some friends.  Plus I want to take a trip to Versailles and Mont Saint Michel in France, perhaps visiting the Beaches of Normandy and the town Alecon where my family came from. 
My return to the US is still not known.  It will be sometime this fall, but so far I have not found a job back in Chicago with my company.....anyone know of a company wanting to hire a finance manager with a lot of International experience?  =)
Crafting is at an all time low, just not the time as my work days have been 11+ hour days once again.  As I keep saying, I'll be back to normal craftiness one of these days!
One of the best parts about moving back to the US would be a return to more normal working hours, which should hopefully allow me more time for knitting and crocheting and other fun assorted projects.  Also better access to yarn, so when I have the urge to make something I'll have fast access if it does not exist in my stash. 
I had best get back to inputting my budget - I hope that everyone is doing well and will be in touch soon!!