Friday, June 20, 2008

Momma is coming tomorrow!

My Mom will be here tomorrow - I am so excited!!!!!

She said that she is bringing her knitting...we shall see if she really does.....if not, I have more than enough yarn and needles to help her start a new project.....perhaps not slippers this time!

I will drive up to Amsterdam in the morning, about a 2 hour drive or so to pick her up at Schipol Airport. I've never driven there before, so it will be interesting...lets hope that the GPS knows where she is going!

Okay, time to finish cleaning and watching the last of the Croatia-Turkey Euro Cup match!

Monday, June 16, 2008

5 more days....

I am sitting here looking around my apartment...every chair, radiator, door handle etc is covered with laundry. Plus an ironing board sitting piled high with clothes.

Have I mentioned lately just how much I despise ironing? Some of the pile is probably 2 years old in waiting to be ironed. I had all of the shirts hanging behind my bedroom door on hooks. Since the door is never closed, out of sight, out of mind came into role big time! I have since moved the pile onto the ironing board in the middle of the kitchen.

Do you think that helped any?

Nope, I now either walk around the board or simply more it clothes and all out of my way. I fear that my Mom will arrive and the darn thing will still be sitting there, shirts and all!

I suppose I could just be lazy......gather all the shirts up and take them to the cleaners.....sound like a plan? =)

I need to get busy crafting. My colleague who had the baby is bringing him in on Thursday...I know that I will not have the blanket done but perhaps I can make something else up really to decide what exactly.

Okay, I am off to walk around that ironing board some more and get the dinner dishes done......Dishes are a close second behind ironing in things that I really do not like to do!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

And the monster makes 3

3 posts that is for today!

Yet another finished project that I do believe I have forgotten to show.

So I will take the time to introduce my very own....Swamp Thing!!
SwampThing 1
The details:

Pattern: Swamp Thing by Jean Greenhouse in Jiffy Knits
Yarn: Saskia Acrylic bought at Wibra
Needle: Size 3
Eyes: 2 Goggle Wiggly Eyes
Time: Fast to knit....I took forever to assemble it

I really enjoyed the pattern - simple Garter Stitch. The putting together was a fit fiddly with having to separate all of the hair strands. But he turned out cute and is sure to bring a huge smile to my nephew's face!

Happy Daddy's Day!!

Happy Father's Day Dad I love you VERY VERY much!

Thank you for all of the support and love and advice and wisdom you have given me over the years. I greatly treasure each and every moment that we have spent together and cherish all of the memories we have made....even the "Bear Hunt" in the middle of 90°+ weather....humidity.....and a 5 mile trek...just to read a sign that said "Lincoln Slept Here" in the midst of a bunch of weeds.

Happy Father's Dad to the Best Dad a girl could ever have!

Shut the door!!!!!

"Why does it always rain on me?

Was it because I lied when I was 17? Even when the sun is shining I can't avoid the lightening." (A song by a band called Travis)

How is everyone doing? I spent another day in Zurich on Wed and then in Munich on Thursday for a meeting . It feels lately like I am spending all of my time on planes and in airports waiting for those planes.

Did I mention that while on the train back from Neuchetal to Zurich last week I saw a lady crocheting? And the previous week I saw a lady cable knitting a sweater? Yarn work seems to be popular in Switzerland, yet I have only even found one yarn shop. I need to investigate some more I think!

I had my projects with me of course. Here is what I managed to complete on the first trip to Zurich:


This past trip I have been working on a baby blanket for a friend here in Belgium. I am doing the Moderne Log Cabin Baby Blanket from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book.

I am staying in Belgium this week and in 6 days my Mom will be here!! I am so excited that she is coming over to visit me and to meet my boyfriend for the first time! I need to drive up to Amsterdam to pick her up - its about a 2 hour drive or so to the airport there. Thankfully her flight gets in around 11, so I do not need to get up too early on Saturday morning to go pick her up.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Off again!

That's right, I am heading to Zurich for the rest of this week - I just can not stay in Belgium matemy it seems! It should be a good 3 days there though, including a meeting with the CFO o the company. A little bit nervous about my presentation I have to give, but it should be a good meeting.

On the crafting front since that is why all of you are reading my blog.

First up is from Fruits and veggies as requested by my neice Megan:

Lemon Merangue Pie anyone?

Some more finished food items are coming up, as well as a knitted version of a crochet pattern I saw (my hands were too tired from crocheting to do any more) as well as some non-food and non-dishcloth items *gasp* yes it is possible!

Have a great rest of the week and we will talk to you all during the weekend!