Sunday, June 15, 2008

And the monster makes 3

3 posts that is for today!

Yet another finished project that I do believe I have forgotten to show.

So I will take the time to introduce my very own....Swamp Thing!!
SwampThing 1
The details:

Pattern: Swamp Thing by Jean Greenhouse in Jiffy Knits
Yarn: Saskia Acrylic bought at Wibra
Needle: Size 3
Eyes: 2 Goggle Wiggly Eyes
Time: Fast to knit....I took forever to assemble it

I really enjoyed the pattern - simple Garter Stitch. The putting together was a fit fiddly with having to separate all of the hair strands. But he turned out cute and is sure to bring a huge smile to my nephew's face!


V JR said...

What a cute little thing to knit !!

Mimi said...

I love it! Love the green color, and the facial feature - wiggly eyes ;)

PeWee said...

He's adorable!!