Monday, June 16, 2008

5 more days....

I am sitting here looking around my apartment...every chair, radiator, door handle etc is covered with laundry. Plus an ironing board sitting piled high with clothes.

Have I mentioned lately just how much I despise ironing? Some of the pile is probably 2 years old in waiting to be ironed. I had all of the shirts hanging behind my bedroom door on hooks. Since the door is never closed, out of sight, out of mind came into role big time! I have since moved the pile onto the ironing board in the middle of the kitchen.

Do you think that helped any?

Nope, I now either walk around the board or simply more it clothes and all out of my way. I fear that my Mom will arrive and the darn thing will still be sitting there, shirts and all!

I suppose I could just be lazy......gather all the shirts up and take them to the cleaners.....sound like a plan? =)

I need to get busy crafting. My colleague who had the baby is bringing him in on Thursday...I know that I will not have the blanket done but perhaps I can make something else up really to decide what exactly.

Okay, I am off to walk around that ironing board some more and get the dinner dishes done......Dishes are a close second behind ironing in things that I really do not like to do!


Marvie said...

Oh gawd how I hatehatehate doing dishes. I also hatehatehate cleaning the bathroom. As in, with the fire of ten thousand suns. I told hubby, before we were married, that I would rather clean horse stalls in a barn in the Arizona desert in 125 degree heat, all day long, than do dishes or clean bathrooms. Laundry is not much farther down my list, but I'd rather do that than the first two.

Do you have a closet or someplace you can just shove all that crap into for the time being? Out of sight out of mind again ;)

Anonymous said...

Ironing is not my favorite either although once I get started I don't mind it too much - funny that. I have this thing I do with ironing, if I only have a couple things, I hang them on the back of the door and say I'll wait to iron them until I have more. Then when I have a bunch more, I don't want to do it cuz there's too much! Can't win there. Well good luck with the laundry pile!

PeWee said...

I always iron things just before putting them on. I really like those creases in my pants and sleeves. Now dusting, there's a dreaded chore for ya!