Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The end of the road......

The end of the road......and the turn onto another has begun! 
Lots has been happening here lately and my apologies for again the long gaps in blogging.  The e-mails and other avenues of communication that I have been able to share with everyone has been great!
So, what is going on?
After 14 months of searching and waiting and worrying and stressing and every other "ing" possible my move back to the US becomes reality in 4, thats right FOUR days!!!  I will be moving back to Chicago where I will start the process to buy a house and settle down.  I am very excited about the opportunities that are being given to me and can not wait to jump on in to the new job.  I will be doing a special project implementing new accounting and reporting software which is something totally different than I have been doing - lots of changes!
All of my belongings, including almost ALL of my yarn was shipped back last Friday, and I'll receive it in 6-8 weeks in Chicago.  I kept out a few smaller projects and the one baby blanket that I am STILL working on - it is getting there though!  If I totally go into withdrawl there will be all of the lovely yarn shops in the Chicago-land area waiting for me.  Although I expect that I will be too busy at first house and car shopping and settling into a new routine.
Project wise I finished a few Swifter covers to use in my new house along with a few dishcloths.  I am working on several doilies and recently picked up multple new french doily pattern magazines which have everything graphed so I do not really need to speak french that well - I've also recieved similar mags in Flemish and Spanish from friends.
Once I am in my new house I am sure to be working on lots of new home type projects - I really would like to try my hand at crocheting some curtains, depending of course if I have the right type of window for curtains.  I also want to make some dishcloths to color coordinate the kitchen as well as some doilies and runners for my tables and china hutch.  I have a ceramic figurine for my dining room table named Minnie.  Minnie is a mermaid and came to me when I received the dining room table from my Grandfather after Grandma passed away last year.  Minnie was a fixture on the table at my Grandma's and when I was given the table, hutch and chairs, the first thing that I asked was if I could have Minnie too lol!  My Grandpa said yes and went running to get her lol  I must make something for her to sit on!
Okay, this will probably be the last posting from Europe - will "see" you all when I reach America!!!