Monday, July 31, 2006

Why? What drives us to return?

Have you ever found a TV show or web site or blog for that matter that is so awful that you just can not help but return over and over again and again and torture your eyes?

Why do we do it to ourselves?

If I really wanted horrible decorating tips, I would go visit some of my barely acknowledged relatives in Kissing Cousin Cousin Myrtle, those deer heads are not the thing to have in the dining room, and the green putt putt carpeting was not meant to go in your bedroom no matter what the cost was. And frankly, putting straw on your wall is NOT a good idea (saw that one on TV while I was home...ummm....okay)

You keep watching and waiting for things to get better and they don't.

I have an author that I used to adore - bought all of her books and continue to buy them out of habit even though I have hated the last 4....why you ask? Because she just might change her style back to how she used to write and I would hate to miss that!

Its like driving by a really bad car know that you should not look but you can not help but gawk like every other rubber-necker.

Why? What is it in our human makeup that causes us to inflict what can be construed as mental anguish on ourselves?


Whats YOUR bumper sticker?

Your Bumper Sticker Should Be

If you don't like my driving - stay off the sidewalk

LOL - The blogthing powers that be that decided that this should be my bumper sticker have actually managed to pick correctly!

Sidewalks here in Belgium are the 3rd lane...used for passing, swerving, driving, random parking, stopping, etc etc etc...its a free for all and lets just say that I've managed to hold up nicely so far......

Yes, I am starting to feel a little bit better after a weekend of sleeping - thanks for all of the get well wishes!!!! *hugs*

Friday, July 28, 2006

The cost of being sick in a foreign country.....

I visited the doctor today and also went to the pharmacy. Think about the cost of this in the US, especially if you do not have health insurance and need to pay for it 100% out of pocket.

Here is my bills.....

Doctors Office Visit € 25.00
5 days antibiotics € 10.98
Codeine Cough Syrup € 6.10
Nasal Spray € 9.18

Total Damages € 51.26 = 61 USD

Huh? Thats it? Woo hoo!! That is less than what I would have paid in the US with all of my co-pays and deductibles etc!

I have noticed that the cost of medical care and products is significantly less even when you are not covered by the national health care system.

Where are the Puffs Plus when you need them?

Scratchy ass kleenex....thats all that I can find here.

NOT a good thing when I have gone through 2 boxes of tissues in the past 2 days as my nose tries to see if it can be officially declared a stream source as it has been running non-stop.

I went like a good doobie to the docs today after 3 days of not being able to talk and dealing with this crap-o-la. Turns out I have a case of laryngitis and a mild upper respiatory infection....joyous. I am on amoxicillin, codeine syrup and some nasal spray....I am a bit confused on the nasal spray though. My nose is already running like water through a seive.......why would I want to put more liquid in there to see my nose run even faster????

I guess that my weekend has started early! I am cat sitting again but at their place this time, so I will have to find the energy to go down there this weekend. Their apartment is usually cooler and quiter than mine is so that might be a good thing!

Talk to you once I am feeling better!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Princess Bride.....

Those of you who know me well, know about my obsession with The Princess Bride! I LOVE this movie. I can quote the whole thing while watching it....much to my Dads dismay when he questioned that ability once! lol

Imagine my joy when I saw a quiz about which character of themovie you are....of course I had to go and take it!!


Inigo Montoya

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

Which character are you??????

Monday, July 24, 2006

Thank you Mimi!!

An overdue public thank you is owed to Mimi of Crochet and Other Stuff sent me the most wonderful letter K a while back! I sent her a thank you via e-mail but forgot to show off the darling little she is in all her glory:

If you are a threadie, check out the thread that Mimi has available for sale:

Thanks agani Mimi! It has been great getting to know you via reading your blog and our exchange of e-mails back and forth! Happy Crocheting!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Proof is in the pictures....

Well, Sunday is over for me in 48 minutes. I highly doubt that I am going to find the time to finish anything else, so here is the final damage to the list including comments on the non-finished items as to their status:

K - Rainbow Boucle Wrap (WIP since April) Final Rows done - Finished
C - Duckie (WIP since March) Feet, wings and bow added - Finished
C - 2 Turtles Eyes sewn - Finished
B - 3 CPK Necklaces
K - 2 Washcloths - 1 done.....short on cotton for the 2nd....frogging!
CS - Wall Hanging - Main characters done, working on the outlining
K - Baby Doll Blanket - finished 1 repeat of pattern
C - Fried Green Tomato - tomato done, working on the eye
C - 2 doilies - frogged 1 of the doilies
K - Fun Fur Scarf - no new progress
K - Lace Scarf - no new progress
C - Princess Frog - Languishing in exile - no new progress

C = Crochet K = Knit CS = Cross Stitch B = Bead

A fairly productive weekend for here are the pictures of the various items:

First up is the Rainbow Sensations Boucle Wrap made with a boucle made by Tevoli Spinners in Ireland! This wrap will probably end up going to one of my Grandmothers as I am not that big of a wrap type of gal!

While in Florida in March I picked up a booklet with the cutest baby duckie. I started making it and finished the body, and that was as much as I had done until this weekend. A gift for my sister's new baby Abby, I present to you Duckie...

I mentioned a while back that I was going to be making turtles for my Aunt to take with her to the Peds ward up at the hospital where she has her rounds. I spent a fair amount of time in this hospital and had the best nurses and care there.....even today there are still a few nurses left that remember me from my early stays in the hospital! Here are the first of hopefully many turtles that I shall make!

Many moons ago, we had a neighbor who loved to knit and make things for Cabbage Patch Kids. One of the items that she made were beaded necklaces. My doll Christina is still wearing her necklace, so I thought it fitting to make necklaces for the kidlets dolls that I have them for Christmas. So here is the original, and the new necklaces!

And finally, I leave you with the current look at my Pooh Choo-Choo Train Wall Hanging that I am finishing up for Baby Abby. I have all of the bodies finished, with the exception of 2 stripes on Tigers leg and I am working now on the outlining. I hope to have this finished before I go home on vacation!

I am off to bed! Have a great week everyone!!

Sunday morning check-in

It is amazing what a little bit of ambition and determination will accomplish!!

To update the progress of the list so far....

K - Rainbow Boucle Wrap (WIP since April) Final Rows done - Finished
C - Duckie (WIP since March) Feet, wings and bow added - Finished
C - 2 Turtles Eyes sewn - Finished
K - 2 Washcloths - One of 2 done and ends sewn in
C - Fried Green Tomato
C - 2 doilies
K - Fun Fur Scarf
K - Baby Doll Blanket
K - Lace Scarf
CS - Wall Hanging - Main characters done, just doing the outlining
B - 3 CPK Necklaces
C - Princess Frog - Languishing in exile - no new progress

C = Crochet K = Knit CS = Cross Stitch B = Bead

Fairly good results so far this weekend! I am already happy with what I have finished! I've also done some worj on the blanket and one of the doilies. I think that I ma frogging the 2nd doily - can not find the pattern nor remeber what size hook I was using....oops! =)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Git 'er done!!!!!!!

I am proclaiming this weekend "Git 'er done" weekend around the Maison de Kimberly!

Sitting my living room looking at my sprawling craft mess, I see a ton of unfinished projects languishing in various stages, from infancy to adult-hood, but all need to be finished.

Some of the infancy projects do not stand a chance of being finished - I am not that fast of a crocheter and knitter. BUT those that are almost finished sure as hell can be done!!

On the list of things to finish:

K - Rainbow Boucle Wrap (WIP since April)
C - Duckie (WIP since March)
C - 2 Turtles
K - 2 Washcloths
C - Fried Green Tomato
C - 2 doilies
K - Fun Fur Scarf
K - Baby Doll Blanket
K - Lace Scarf
CS - Wall Hanging
B - 3 CPK Necklaces

C = Crochet K = Knit CS = Cross Stitch B = Bead

Those are the ones that are in plain view as I sit typing this on my couch! I am sure that there are more hiding away from the shame and agony of not being completed!!

Will update as the weekend goes along the status of everything (and as I find more WIPs)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Its Mid-July already?

I know that I have been quiet lately - struggling at work with an ever overflowing in-box and to-do lists! First it was create the forecast, then close the month end books, finalize the ofrecast, explain variances in month end and foreacst, plus my normal projects and to dos. Crazy!

Partially why it has been so crazy is that my promotion is official!! I am now the Finance Manager for Europe for my division! A great promotion that brings more work and responsibilities!

I will be staying based in Brussels for now. I'll probably drive to Zurich every now and then for meetings etc. Yes, I said drive! I am getting a car as well! It looks like I am settling in more and more over here! As of right now it looks to be an Audi as that is what is available, but I am trying to negotiate!

Enjoy the weekend!

Welcome Abby!!

My newest neice has arrived! Abigail Marie arrived on Wednesday and both Mum and Baby are doing great!

I can not wait to go home in August and start spoiling my newest addition to my family!

Abby with her Dad, her two half sisters and her two cousins. My nephew was beaming at his newest cousin (although he did comment on wanting a boy cousin) and my neice Megan wanted to tickle and play with the baby!

My parents with their newest Granddaughter!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Calling all Barbers!

Okay, slightly off topic, but if anyone knows any Barbers in the West Michigan area, send them to the following E-bay Auction: Paidar Barber Chair & Backbar with Mirrors and Sink

My Grandfather is moving to an apartment and must sell the Barber Shop set that he has in his basement. Grandpa retired in 1989 (I think it was 89 at least) and since then he has cut hair for friends and family in his basement. After 40+ years, him and Grandma are selling the house and moving into an apartment as its getting harder for Grandpa to do the upkeep and maintenance - and at his age, he should not have to be out their shoveling snow, mowing the grass, raking leaves and doing all of the other house chores.....vacumming, cooking, cleaning, laundry...tahts right folks! Grandpa does it all! Grandma decided that when Grandpa retired from the Barber Shop, that she was retiring from being a housewife, and being the saint that he is, Grandpa did not argue with her, and took over all of the house chores!

So, if you know of any barbers, point out the wonderful opportunity to purchase a complete barber shop - chair, backbar, mirror, sink, sterlizer, floor mat....what a deal!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Road Trip!!

I have been given a mission that I have chosoe to except. Thankfully it was over the phone so nothing exploded and self-destructed! *grin*

My Dad has put me on the trail of some French bubbly wine from the loire valley region. The reason that this wine is so special that my father (who is NOT a wine drinker) would ask me to hunt some down....simple - the Chateau has our family name!

I really am going to have to arrange a visit to these vineyards! I'm also going to check with my wine-guys here in Brussels to see if they can special order me a case or two =) Just in case I can not make the voyage any time soon!

How cool is that?