Friday, July 21, 2006

Git 'er done!!!!!!!

I am proclaiming this weekend "Git 'er done" weekend around the Maison de Kimberly!

Sitting my living room looking at my sprawling craft mess, I see a ton of unfinished projects languishing in various stages, from infancy to adult-hood, but all need to be finished.

Some of the infancy projects do not stand a chance of being finished - I am not that fast of a crocheter and knitter. BUT those that are almost finished sure as hell can be done!!

On the list of things to finish:

K - Rainbow Boucle Wrap (WIP since April)
C - Duckie (WIP since March)
C - 2 Turtles
K - 2 Washcloths
C - Fried Green Tomato
C - 2 doilies
K - Fun Fur Scarf
K - Baby Doll Blanket
K - Lace Scarf
CS - Wall Hanging
B - 3 CPK Necklaces

C = Crochet K = Knit CS = Cross Stitch B = Bead

Those are the ones that are in plain view as I sit typing this on my couch! I am sure that there are more hiding away from the shame and agony of not being completed!!

Will update as the weekend goes along the status of everything (and as I find more WIPs)


Vera said...

I always have lots to do too! It's fun to have WIPs to keep us busy.

Deneen said...

Your list is why I only try to do one thing at a time!

Sara said...

We're so alike. I could make a list of WIPs, but it would only include "items in one room". I would forget a ton more and then feel even worse about my lack of progress.

Mimi said...

Making a list is good way to keep track and focus on finishing it. You can do it Kimberly!

Elise said...

Well then "git r done" lol I just love Larry the Cable Guy. That phrase just fits about anything!

mom said...

Does "git 'er done" purtain to cleaning up your closet at home?? :-) Maybe going thru your dresser that has been stashed with treasures for the past 10+ years? After cleaning out Grandma's house this past month, our is next.