Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday morning check-in

It is amazing what a little bit of ambition and determination will accomplish!!

To update the progress of the list so far....

K - Rainbow Boucle Wrap (WIP since April) Final Rows done - Finished
C - Duckie (WIP since March) Feet, wings and bow added - Finished
C - 2 Turtles Eyes sewn - Finished
K - 2 Washcloths - One of 2 done and ends sewn in
C - Fried Green Tomato
C - 2 doilies
K - Fun Fur Scarf
K - Baby Doll Blanket
K - Lace Scarf
CS - Wall Hanging - Main characters done, just doing the outlining
B - 3 CPK Necklaces
C - Princess Frog - Languishing in exile - no new progress

C = Crochet K = Knit CS = Cross Stitch B = Bead

Fairly good results so far this weekend! I am already happy with what I have finished! I've also done some worj on the blanket and one of the doilies. I think that I ma frogging the 2nd doily - can not find the pattern nor remeber what size hook I was using....oops! =)


Bron said...

Yay! Kimberly! Way to get some things done. :)

I love how great it makes me feel to keep crossing things of a to-do list. All organized & accomplished. ::grin::

Pink said...

Good work there, Kimberly :)