Monday, July 03, 2006

Road Trip!!

I have been given a mission that I have chosoe to except. Thankfully it was over the phone so nothing exploded and self-destructed! *grin*

My Dad has put me on the trail of some French bubbly wine from the loire valley region. The reason that this wine is so special that my father (who is NOT a wine drinker) would ask me to hunt some down....simple - the Chateau has our family name!

I really am going to have to arrange a visit to these vineyards! I'm also going to check with my wine-guys here in Brussels to see if they can special order me a case or two =) Just in case I can not make the voyage any time soon!

How cool is that?


Vik said...

Enjoy it!

Mimi said...

Sounds like fun! I hope you get to show us the wine with your family's name on it ;)

Pink said...

You now have a legitimate reason to say, "that's my wine, it has my name on the bottle"! Cool, enjoy.

Dad said...

If there is a will (which you have plenty of) there is a way for you to make to our Family Vinyard. I at first thought you getting a case or two of a variety pack might be overkill, BUT with our Huge family you still may not have enough, not to mention getting it or any of it home. The Langlois Vinyard How Neat is that.