Sunday, July 23, 2006

Proof is in the pictures....

Well, Sunday is over for me in 48 minutes. I highly doubt that I am going to find the time to finish anything else, so here is the final damage to the list including comments on the non-finished items as to their status:

K - Rainbow Boucle Wrap (WIP since April) Final Rows done - Finished
C - Duckie (WIP since March) Feet, wings and bow added - Finished
C - 2 Turtles Eyes sewn - Finished
B - 3 CPK Necklaces
K - 2 Washcloths - 1 done.....short on cotton for the 2nd....frogging!
CS - Wall Hanging - Main characters done, working on the outlining
K - Baby Doll Blanket - finished 1 repeat of pattern
C - Fried Green Tomato - tomato done, working on the eye
C - 2 doilies - frogged 1 of the doilies
K - Fun Fur Scarf - no new progress
K - Lace Scarf - no new progress
C - Princess Frog - Languishing in exile - no new progress

C = Crochet K = Knit CS = Cross Stitch B = Bead

A fairly productive weekend for here are the pictures of the various items:

First up is the Rainbow Sensations Boucle Wrap made with a boucle made by Tevoli Spinners in Ireland! This wrap will probably end up going to one of my Grandmothers as I am not that big of a wrap type of gal!

While in Florida in March I picked up a booklet with the cutest baby duckie. I started making it and finished the body, and that was as much as I had done until this weekend. A gift for my sister's new baby Abby, I present to you Duckie...

I mentioned a while back that I was going to be making turtles for my Aunt to take with her to the Peds ward up at the hospital where she has her rounds. I spent a fair amount of time in this hospital and had the best nurses and care there.....even today there are still a few nurses left that remember me from my early stays in the hospital! Here are the first of hopefully many turtles that I shall make!

Many moons ago, we had a neighbor who loved to knit and make things for Cabbage Patch Kids. One of the items that she made were beaded necklaces. My doll Christina is still wearing her necklace, so I thought it fitting to make necklaces for the kidlets dolls that I have them for Christmas. So here is the original, and the new necklaces!

And finally, I leave you with the current look at my Pooh Choo-Choo Train Wall Hanging that I am finishing up for Baby Abby. I have all of the bodies finished, with the exception of 2 stripes on Tigers leg and I am working now on the outlining. I hope to have this finished before I go home on vacation!

I am off to bed! Have a great week everyone!!


Wendy said...

Way to go on all of the finished projects! I think I like those little turtles the best. The wrap is pretty!

mom said...

Congrats for a productive weekend honey. Debbie will enjoy passing out the turtles as the girls will love the necklaces for their dolls that you gave them last Christmas and Baby Abby will enjoy looking up at her train. Think I have most of it covered. "Git 'er done" tehe.

Deneen said...

Wow! You got a bunch accomplished-good for you. Love them all.

Vera said...

Great work on your projects! I love the little ducky.

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

You are making some great progress! I love love LOVE the ducky!

Mimi said...

Woo-hoo! Those look great! I am amazed at your patience in cross-stitch, the Pooh wall hanging is cool!

Kimberly said...

Thank you everyone for your comments! I feel so good to have gotten things finished finally!

Mimi - I love doing cross stitch and seeing designs come to life!

Raquel said...

Wow!!!!You've been busy!!!I agree the ducky is the cutest I have seen too!!!!!
The cross stitch looks cute too !!!!

Pyo said...

Lovely turtles!