Thursday, July 06, 2006

Calling all Barbers!

Okay, slightly off topic, but if anyone knows any Barbers in the West Michigan area, send them to the following E-bay Auction: Paidar Barber Chair & Backbar with Mirrors and Sink

My Grandfather is moving to an apartment and must sell the Barber Shop set that he has in his basement. Grandpa retired in 1989 (I think it was 89 at least) and since then he has cut hair for friends and family in his basement. After 40+ years, him and Grandma are selling the house and moving into an apartment as its getting harder for Grandpa to do the upkeep and maintenance - and at his age, he should not have to be out their shoveling snow, mowing the grass, raking leaves and doing all of the other house chores.....vacumming, cooking, cleaning, laundry...tahts right folks! Grandpa does it all! Grandma decided that when Grandpa retired from the Barber Shop, that she was retiring from being a housewife, and being the saint that he is, Grandpa did not argue with her, and took over all of the house chores!

So, if you know of any barbers, point out the wonderful opportunity to purchase a complete barber shop - chair, backbar, mirror, sink, sterlizer, floor mat....what a deal!


DAD said...

It Sold and your Grand Father is VERY Happy and relieved to have it taken care of. Thank You for your help my Daughter

Mom said...

Well another era has just passed. Grandpa's barbershop has been packed up in the back of a pickup truck and is on its way to a new home by Springfield MO. Thank you for all your help with Ebay Kim

Anonymous said...

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