Friday, February 20, 2009

Proof that I am still crocheting! Here is a snowflake that I made from a pattern magazine I picked up in Argentina! My first Spanish project.....I feel so proud! =)

And just a fun little pic of me and the girls from our weekend adventures.

I do not have a pic of the doily I am working on....can not find the camera is around here somewhere!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I just want to sleep...

Honest, I am not asking much.  Just a full night, of 8 hours, of 100% uninterrupted sleep.  No more tossing and turning and coughing so hard it feels like my lungs have left my chest and splatted against the wardrobe doors across the room.  Monday night it was almost 5:30 before I hit exhaustion, Tuesday was around 4:30ish, last night it was actually around 3:30. 
I am going through the motions at work on auto pilot right now - brain has left the building.
I did start a crocheted dishcloth - yay, as well as work on the next section on the french doily I'm working on.  No knitting though - just can not find the mojo to start going.
That is it from my side for today!  Pictures will be coming soon!

Monday, February 16, 2009

In the top 10.....

This Valentines Day weekend has to be in the top 10 of my life, if not the top 3. 
Meti has started working nights again, so I am all alone.  I knew he was going to be working this past weekend, so I did what every "single" person would do and planned a Girl's Weekend.  Friday night we included 2 of the guys that we go out with, which ended up being a lot of fun, even though I was sick. 
Saturday was spent lazing around one of the girl's apartment until we got up enough energy to go do a whirlwind shopping trip to find THE outfits for a Girl's night on the town.  I ended up scoring the cutest little black dress....and wonders of all wonders, it fit me wonderfully!  We went out dancing, I had my hair down and let's just say we painted the town red! 
Sunday was spent doing brunch at one of the apartments and laughing and reading Cosmo.  We found the energy to get dressed eventually (we all live in the same building, so it was sleep pants and lounge clothes all day long) and went to see a chick flick, The Women (great movie!) and since our calorie intake for the weekend was already sky high, ended the weekend with a fried chicken dinner.
It was such great fun with the girls - laughing and joking and just having a great time.
It did not even bother me that I saw the boyfriend for probably about 5 hours in total over the weekend, and that he totally blew off Valentines Day.  Who needs a man when you have your girlfriends right!!!!!!  =)
I got two wonderful Japanese craft books from my friend Genevieve.  She went to a show in Paris and brought them back for me. One is a Hello Kitty Amigurumi book and the other one is a Desert Type amigurumi book - too cute!!!  I can not wait to make something from them!
I am off for home now though - still feeling under the weather - I need some more cold meds and some sleep.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Not a bone was broken....

During my 2nd skiing trip to France. This time we went to Les Trois Vallees to a resort called Les Menuiers. We had an amzing time - the views were spectacular, and the skiing was great fun.

I really progressed this time and even went off-piste (not on the marked trail) in the powder some which was amazing until I hit a rock and tumbled head over heels.

Here are a few pics.....

First up a picture of yours truely in the Powder (before the aforementioned tumble) with the resort of Val Thorens in the background.....

The views from the top of the slopes.....
The gang - Justin, Me, Andy, Erin & Marci - a great group of people to go skiing with - we are truely had a good time together with lots of laughter and fun!
Les Menuiers where we stayed.....
The view of the mountains with the ski lifts....
I did work a little bit on my doily that I brought, but no great energy to do more than just a little bit. I hope that I can get back into the crafting bug soon so I can start using up some of this yarn that I have bought and have sitting here waiting for inspiration to appear!

I hope that everyone is doing well! Will catch up more with everyone soon!