Thursday, February 19, 2009

I just want to sleep...

Honest, I am not asking much.  Just a full night, of 8 hours, of 100% uninterrupted sleep.  No more tossing and turning and coughing so hard it feels like my lungs have left my chest and splatted against the wardrobe doors across the room.  Monday night it was almost 5:30 before I hit exhaustion, Tuesday was around 4:30ish, last night it was actually around 3:30. 
I am going through the motions at work on auto pilot right now - brain has left the building.
I did start a crocheted dishcloth - yay, as well as work on the next section on the french doily I'm working on.  No knitting though - just can not find the mojo to start going.
That is it from my side for today!  Pictures will be coming soon!

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