Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wanderlust strikes again....

Or at least thanks to some really great air plane flights I am going to be travelling a lot the next few weeks!

I spent the past weekend in Nice France and Monte Carlo Monacco - had a great time and really enjoyed seeing the sun for 2 days - I think that living in Belgium I sometimes forget what the sun looks like!

I have found time to update my places I've visited map.

I still have a large number of places that I would like to see! One day and one city at a time I guess!

I am off to Madrid this upcoming weekend, followed by trips to Rome and Lisbon with tentative plans to go to Morocco in the upcoming months!

Crafting? Ummm....I have finished a couple of snowflakes along with starting progress on a dishcloth.....but have not blocked the flakes yet so pics will be coming soon as I find some spare time to get them blocked and starched.

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