Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Crafting returns!!

I am finally getting back into the swinging of crafting....about time I know! I've finished finally the dishcloth along with a quick Spanish Doily....my skills in foreign language crocheting are quickly increasing!

Now pictures. Ummm...sure....tomorrow perhaps since my camera batteries died right as I snapped the last picture. Typical right?

I had a great time the past two weekends in Madrid and then in Rome - I just love visiting different cities. I did find a yarn shop in Madrid where I bought some hooks, a hook case and a booklet of Spanish doily patterns. The shop is El Gato Negro and is right in the Plaza Mayor - easy peasy to find!


Sara said...

OOO! Thank you! I'll be in Madrid in June. I'll have to look for El Gato Negro :-)

PeWee said...

Let me see "El Gato Negro" I think is translated to "The Black Cat" in English. ODD name for a yarn shop. I LIVE to see your crochets in pics, gives me a bit of a crochet fix, since I have zero time to make anything and my skills are sorely lacking b/c of it. LOVE your travel stories too.

Mimi said...

Amazing how many cities and craft shops you've visited around the world, Kimberly! Happy crafting :)