Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Travels galore.....and some crafting!

First up the travels! I am done for a few weeks now. Lisbon was great fun - I really enjoyed it - had a fab time at the Hard Rock Cafe which was most conveniently located across the street from our hotel - bonus!

First up, me and 2 co-workers I travelled to Lisbon with - Karl and Jon. There was 5 of us in all there celebrating my friend Te-Keisha's birthday.

We spent one day out at the beach - lovely time - nice and sunny and I enjoyed splashing in the water, even if it was FREEZING!!!!

Here are some pictures from Rome - first up me outside of Saint Peter's in the Vatican:
And next, a group shot of us with two Roman Soldiers we found outside the Colliseum!
Last but not least the dishcloth - rather springy is it not? I also have finished almost a second doily - will get it finished and then block both of them at the same time along with some snowflakes I have done recently - nothing like putting it off huh?
I am slowly getting back into the swing of things for crafting. I need to pick up the needles again, which should happen soon hopefully!

My neice has requested more Play Yarn Food - this time she only needs 5 pieces of bacon, 2 doughtnuts and just a few grapes. She was so cute while asking that I could not say no!

I was touched by my nephew the other day. They got a new puppy and we were talking about how he was taking his stuffed animals. I said "oh no thats not good that hes chewing on your animals" to which Andrew replied most seriously "Don't worry Aunt Kim. Super Turtle and Charzon are up on my shelf where he can not get to them. The others were bought at a store, but yours you made for me which makes them super special!"

I did not think he really respected the fact that I made him something, but he does! I made him the little turtle probably 4 years ago, and with all his toys and junk I am surprised he has not lost it in the mess of his room / closet!

Okay, I am off for bed - have a great week everyone!!