Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Roll on 2010!!!

The year has started and its off to a roaring start!
After some last minute Christmas "play yarn food" knitting and crocheting I am ready to see what 2010 brings me in regards to creative urges.
Top on the list is to start an afghan to match the colors in my family room.......just as soon as I finish that pesky Baby Blanket I've been working on for ages....that is on my list for this weekend since I am taking it easy!
I am going to be sad to take down my Christmas tree.  I had several snowflakes I had made decorating the tree...hopefully next year I will be able to have even more ready.....assuming I don't give them all away like I tried to do this year!
What is on your 2010 Creative To Do list?
Aside from the afghan and snowflakes, I foresee lots of play yarn food for my youngest niece, along with scarves and hats and several doilies and household decorations for the new house.
Happy Crafting!