Sunday, February 27, 2011


Well I am out from under the rock...okay...back from the work trips to Tampa FL and San Jose Costa Rica. Busy 2 weeks in my world, but I was able to get some crocheting done...amazing!

A friend of mine is a board member for a not-for profit organization that deals with homelessness for Chicago area women. They are having an event this week and SiSi asked me to make something for their auction. After thinking about it, I decided to make up some play yarn food, and this is what I created for the auction:

Fried Eggs and a Fruit and Veggie basket. There were also 2 cupcakes that missed the photo shoot.

I think the boyfriend gave a cheer when he saw that I was using up some of my yarn stash....we will not tell him about the additional 2 balls that I bought this week to make a felted purse! Ssshhhh! lol If I put it up in the yarn room he will never notice right?

Progress continutes on the new Star will be posted next time!

Have a great week every one!


Megan said...

Super cute! I love seeing crocheted food! Have you seen the book Tasty Crochet? I love it!

Vera said...

How fun are those! I remember crocheting veggies for a craft fair

Vik said...

Very cute!