Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hi, my name is Kimberly, and I'm......

Addicted to I-Tunes.

Okay, perhaps not addicted, but wildly attracted to. I would normally in a given year buy 5 or 6 CDs, usually compilation CDs of the years biggest songs.

Since April, I've bought 14 albums and numerous single songs.....a grand total of 270 songs.

I know of others who are worse, but do I really need to buy all of these songs????? I think not, and yet its like an addiction - I just can not seem to stop going to I-Tunes and seeing what new music has been added....and videos....and games for my I-Pod.

I seem to have an easily addicted personality and the need to acquire more when I should be focusing on less.....I-tunes, yarns, hooks and needles, books, shoes, tea, boyfriends...... *grin*

Well, I'm off to search I-Tunes for that next great song that I just HAVE to have.

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