Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ping..ping....ping ping ping ping ping

Ping..ping....ping ping ping ping ping

What you do not want to hear while you are beading. Honestly!

I thought that I would be a good person and get started on some Christmas gifts and pulled out my beads and wire to put together some earrings and of course some stitch markers for those in my life who knit / crochet.

While gathering all of the paraphernalia to set on the kitchen table I thought to myself that perhaps i should wait and start when I was not that tired but I convinced myself that all would be okay.

So away I start working, sorting beads and trying to find some inspiration. I decide that I want to use the middle seed beads that are in my stacking tower. I grab the stack and start to untwist totally not paying attention.

Twist...twist.....twist...ping....ping..ping....ping ping ping ping ping "Oh crap!!!!"

Yup, if you have not figured it out, I untwisted upside down. I luckily caught it before all of the beads came pouring out. A good number did escape.....some fell onto the rug underneath the table and gave a little bounce and stayed put. The ones that fell on the hardwood floors....well I think that I will be finding beads when I vacuum for months! I never knew that beads could jump so far across the room.

I cleaned the mess up, made a few more items up and now I've called it a night. Hopefully I've learned my lesson to pay attention when I start opening containers with lots of small round things that can go all over the place!

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Vik said...

Oh nooooo.... I guess you´ll continue finding them at the most incredible places!