Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Working continues......

To kick my butt!

I am so swamped here at work that I feel bad about taking my daily "smoke break" and surfing the internet.......but my colleagues are all out smoking so its only fair in my mind!

I am trying to write up the pattern with a picture tutorial for the dishcloth and stitch. It really is an easy stitch - nice to throw in a bag and take with you as you don't need to concentrate once you get a few rows under your belt and understand what the concept is. Hopefully I will get out of work tonight at a decent time (i.e. before 9 hopefully which is what its been lately) and can get home and get some work done...not only am I behind on the craft front, but my apartment looks like WWIII struck it and a mini-tornado went through my craft / yarn section.

Things with the boyfriend are still going fine. Yup, I said boyfriend. Been dating since July really. I have not said much about him as I was not sure how much time he would be around for. Hes originally from Kosovo, but has been living in Z├╝rich, Lille France and now Brussels for a while. He does not speak English that well, so we do all of our communication in French. Let just say that my French is once again rapidly improving out of sheer necessity!

I am getting so excited about my December vacations! Only 45 days now until I leave! Where is the time going???? Wheeee! I really can not wait to see my bestest friend Zori and of course Vik! Yarn shopping (and shopping for everything else) here we come *grin* Lets hope that my credit card and ATM card can handle the stress of shopping in New York, Argentina, Chicago and of course in Michigan over the holidays. No more shopping for me for the next 45 days so I can save some money up....although I did see a really cute pair of shoes, and some more yarn and a few shirts and a book or two that has come out...... (yup, I'm a shop-a-holic at times, although not too bad of one!)


Veronica said...

I used to take a "smoke break" just to sit out in the sunshine for a few minutes. My boss always laughed when I told him where I was going.

I'm looking forward to seeing your pattern and tutorial. Your dishcloth looks very pretty, and I can always use pretty dishcloths! :)

CraftyCritter said...

A BOYFRIEND!!?? my oh my our little Kim is growing up.....Pass a hanky.

Just goofing!

Did you ever find skittles?

Vik said...

Hi Kimberly! I can´t wait to meet you too!!!
(I knew love was in the air!!! ;) Remember?)