Monday, October 16, 2006

My Celeb Collage

Showing my version of the recent blog craze!

I have seen these so far on Deneen's blog, Vik's blog and Mimi's blog!

Heres a hint to you as well.....make sure your hair is not pulled back! I tried it first with a picture with my hair back....not a good idea! According to that picture I look the most like Ozzy Osbourne, Dan Rather, Dermot Mulroney and James Gandolfini!! How scary is that! There were 2 females at the bottom of the list of 8 - Hayden Panettiere (I can see that one) and Son Ye-Jin.


Mimi said...

Lovely pic, Kimberly! You did choose the right photo too...Who'd object to look like those pretty celebs ;)

Deneen said...

Rahel Hunter-oooh pretty. I did have one with sunglasses on and taken from a distance and got an Ozzy Osbourne also-

Vik said...

Pretty picture, Kimberly! I´m happy you tried again!
I can´t believe all your bag´s projects!!!
Glad to read about your parents.