Friday, August 25, 2006

Back and in business!!

I arrived back in Brussels on Thursday and have managed to get over my jet-lag rather quickly this time! I am still a bit tired, but I think that is because I've been getting too much sleep!

No issues this time on my carry-ons as I checked everything except a few books, my PC and a Cross Stitch sampler I am making - did not want to risk loosing my hooks and needles...nor that lethal ball of thread! I tried to doze on and off for most of the flight while listening to my Ipod and watching the was something with Jake Gyllenhal (yeah, I probably spelled that one wrong) that I had no interest in, but it was fun to watch and make up in my own mind what was being said when I could not read the lips.

I have a ton to do at work now to catch up....yee haw!

My Aunt loved the Turtles - now to get busy and make some more for her! She said that one of them would probably become the Peds cool is that? *grin*

I have been working on some designs for coasters - hopefully I can get the patterns written down soon!

Off to get some work done! Have a great Friday and a great weekend!!


Vik said...

Nice to have you back Kim! Buen fin de semana! (ask Zori!)

Deneen said...

Welcome home! I wondered if you were in Brussels or the US now.

Kelly said...

Yee haw nice to see you back around on your blog! Glad you made it home safe. :)

Mimi said...

Hi Kimberly! Glad to know your back safe and sound ;)