Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Goal before the start of the September Scarves CAL

I have joined a CAL at Fiber Freaks to make this scarf (and as many others as I can in 1 month) for a September Scarves CAL.

I looked today to decide on what yarn I am going to use and have been taunted by the yarn ever since to start the project.

I have decided that since I seem to want to make this scarf so badly, I will set myself a pre-beginning goal of having 50% of my outstanding WIPs done before I pick up the hook to start this scarf!

To the best of my knowledge, here is a list of my outstanding WIPs:

*3 doilies
*The Princess Frog
*Miscellaneous turtle parts
*baby blanket for my sister
*Christmas card snowflakes (not a chance I'll get enough done)
*1 dishcloth
*Cross Stitch project (almost done.....)

WIP but not counted in the numbers:
*2 scarves (not the one for the CAL....these are both in infancy, so I will finish them during the CAL)
*2 doll blankets (these are in the US though so they can not count)

My goal to consider the turtles done would be 4 turtles, and for the snowflakes 5.

Knowing my own limits and speed, I will say that 50% will be completing 2 of the doilies, 4 turtles, 5 snowflakes and the dishcloth while making some progress on the blanket and the cross stitch project!

Rather ambitious, but I think that I should be able to complete the majority in the next week or so! Wish me luck!


Deneen said...

You do have project ADD-however, the thought of the "miscellaneous turtle parts" cracks me up.

Vera said...

You have a busy week planned.

Sara said...

I've been eyeballing this scarf since I got the Happy Hooker book. I've yarn in mind, too. But I think Netter would protest heavily. I still owe that patient woman some snowflakes.

Vik said...

Kimberly, reading your WIPs list made me suddenly exhausted! ;)