Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Knit one below? Huh?

Does someone, anyone have any experience with "Knit into the stitch below the one on the needle"?

While not really a WIP since I frogged it to start back over (semantics), I have been trying to make the Last Hurrah Scarf also found on Ravelry here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/last-hurrah-scarf

My issue is that I can not grasp the knit below concept...you want me to do what? When I thought I had it my whole project fell apart....rather amusing looking back but at the time I was not so happy!

The advice on Ravelry is "Also called a double stitch: insert your right needle knitwise into the center of the stitch below the stitch on the needle and knit, catching both stitches"

Huh? So I put it into the center of the stitch below, but how do I manage to catch both stitches?

I am sure this is something VERY simple but my simple little mind can not grasp it!


MrsFife said...

What you do is make sure to go through the stitch one row down through the middle, so you can have the upper one on your needle also. Does that make it any clearer?

Vik said...

Hi Kim, I know how to do it. I know that stitch, but I can´t explain in English. I should show you - how sad we´re that far away. Maybe Skype?

Pam Murphy said...


Um, here is one way to explain it. Mrsfife has it.

With your RH ndle, instead of placing it in your usual st on LH ndle, place it into the one below just as if you were sticking into the correct one. What happens is you are dropping the stitch that is on the needle while knitting the one below.

Also try a Google search of knit stitchs. YouTube may have some videos on knitting. Plus, one of my favorite sites is KnittingHelp.com. She has videos to watch too. Sometimes you just have to see something to understand what the heck is being said!

Hope this helps!
Pam Murphy