Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas approaches....

And as it does I really must take a step back and wonder where on earth the year has gone.  I've been in my new house for just under 2 months now, and I am still not fully unpacked.  I have slowly decreased the boxes in my bedroom from 20 to 3, but the boxes are still piled high in the office and still a few in my craft room. 
Things have gone missing - for the life of me I can not find where my crochet hooks are stashed.  I have located a few and bought a few new ones, but the storage box that I kept them in is AWOL.  I have found the storage box with my knitting needles so hopefully the hooks are not too far behind! 
I did a quick put up job for the holidays in regards to indoor and outdoor decorations - just not enough time to get what I wanted done before the bad weather hit!  I also need to have an electrician come out and do some work adding an addition breaker box and some outdoor outlets and a few outlets in the kitchen that I want for my Dept 59 houses which I plan next year to have up on top of the cupboards in the kitchen if I can get power outlets installed up there to avoi having extension cords dangling down the walls. 
My Christmas tree is up - it stands about 9 feet tall and is gorgeous!  I have put up all of my ornaments, including all of the handmade ones I received in years past!  I can not wait for next years tree - I hope to have some more snowflakes and hand ornaments for it.....along with it being bigger and potentially artifical - I love the smell of the real tree, but I fear if I go too much taller it would become a problem guaranteeing that it will stand up and not fall over.  With all of the glass ornaments from around the world that I have collected I would not want this to happen!  
Take care and enjoy the holidays!!