Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy President's Day!

Happy President's Day! I just love these public holidays where the kids all have off from school but of course my company does not give us the day off as well. There are all these great holidays here in the US that us office slaves have to...well....slave away during them....Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day...if we were a more religious based country, we could have more of those holidays like many European countries have as well - Good Friday, Holy Monday, Ascension, Assumption, Pentecost, All Saint's Day...the way I figure it, I am being cheated of 10 nice days off of work...okay, so if you don't want to take the Religious holidays we could do like the UK and Ireland and have "Bank Holiday Mondays"


Ah well...such is life in the Land of the free and the overworked, overstressed overeverything!


Crocheting and Knitting continue. I've been busy working on a new play yarn food collection for my youngest niece. I finished up several tarts and cookies this weekend, along with 2 of her requested blueberries. I asked her what she wanted and as if she knew what I hated to make, she smirked at me and goes "Blueberries" Do y'all realize how tiny blueberries are??? So, I suffered through making up two small blueberries and the rest of the blueberries were "made" into a blueberry tart! Hopefully that will work for her! lol


Of course I forgot to take pictures of them all...they are still at my parent's house so I will see if my Mom can grab a picture before she gives them to Abby. If not, more are still on the way for her as I need to make her as big of a collection as my other niece has!


No progress has been made on the Star Afghan....I am still trying to mentally pep myself up to take on the task of all of those little granny squares and all of those pesky little ends that need to be weaved in!


I am feeling the urge to start crocheting with thread again as well. I might try another of my foreign language patterns - I always find those an interesting challenge, especially those in languages I do not speak at all, like Flemish or German! Thankfully a chart is a chart in any language and aside from deciphering exactly what the symbols represent the only challenge is in the special note sections.


Have a great week everyone!

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