Monday, May 24, 2010

The FUN of home ownership

Well....everyone always said that owning a home would not be easy.... I am slowly learning they were in a way right!
I have been painting and cleaning up the yard the past few weekends.  It is starting to look nice, but there is still more to go!  I need to paint still my back hall way, and put together the office now that the painting in there is finished.  I painted the door frame and door into the garage and then looking at the garage itself I shudder and want to paint that as it is white but tons of black streaks and marks on it. 
I am going to have house guests starting June 3rd and continuing straight through August!  My friend Zori will be up from Argentina for the summer for work.  Then while she is here my sisters are coming over with their familes for a weekend and then my Dad mentioned bringing the little ones over for a Friday Fun Day at Great America amusement park.
Crafting you ask?  I am working on a Swifter Cover as well as finishing up the Granny Square blanket.  My Craft Room is slowly being orgranized.  I need to finish putting things away in that room as well as decide on shelving....I am still debating putting in floor to ceiling book shelves / organization on one of the walls...perhaps before that though I am going to paint that room as well!  It is a dark bluey green which I would like to lighten up a little bit!
Well, work is calling and I need to get out on time is the finals on Dancing With the Stars..can not miss that!!


Jenny Moore said...

Yeah, home ownership can be a lot of work! Our AC is Texas. Not good! We've owned our home for almost 6 years and it's still not completely painted yet. One of these days...

I'm jealous that you have a craft room. Hoping of these days I'll have one too!

Vik said...

Dear Kim, enjoy the new home organization! Life is the journey, not the destination...
I was missing your posts here, glad you gave a life signal!
And I also miss your comments in my blog, come over when you have time!
Happy weekend!

Megan said...

Yes, home ownership is hard -- but wonderful! And good luck with finishing up that painting! We've been in our house over a year and just finally painted the bathroom a few months ago! I'm excited to see the crocheted food that you make (I think you mentioned that in your next post, but oh well! haha)