Friday, November 05, 2010

Hello Fall!

I think my last post welcomed the summer this one is welcoming fall and winter which I am sad to say is rapidly approaching!


Summer was so full of friends, family and that horrible four letter word called work which totally kicked my derriere this summer.  My hours were insane and I practically lived up in Canada half of June and July.  It has calmed down though which is a good thing!


I was able to work on some crafts this summer, did some beading, and then did some crocheting and knitting of yarn food for the youngest of the nieces.  Been working recently on a Cake Box for my niece Megan – she looked through my pattern books, pulled this one out and dropped heavy hints that this is what she wanted for her birthday.  Its not yet finished, but have a week to go so it will get done!  Mike (the new significant other) has to work tonight most likely, so I will have the couch to myself and plenty of time on my hands!


The house is slowly getting into shape.  Did do some smaller projects over the summer – got my office almost fully set up – need to get a chair for the desk as well as some additional light in there.  I will try to take some pictures so we can compare the before I moved in and the after I moved in.


Work is calling my name – will be in touch soon!!


Vik said...

I´m happy you posted! Yeah!
I just answered your comment in my blog, and I asked you there: Who´s Mike?... Now I know! Congratulations!!!

kathy said...