Friday, November 03, 2006

Fall Friday

Well, its official in Belgium. Fall is here! While it is sunny today, it is colder than cold - I could see my breathe this morning as I walked to the Police Station to sort out my residency. Belgium Bureaucracy is beyond belief - I've been working on getting this sorted since MARCH!! Talk about delays! Even today after meeting with the Police they said I would here from the Commune in 2-3 weeks...At this rate I'll be gone for Christmas and 2007 will be here before I get my new residence permit!

I've been busy working on a few new patterns using the Broomstick Lace technique. I've finished another Scarf pattern that I am calling "Sideways Lace Scarf" and I am almost finished with a yet to be named Dishcloth pattern. I am going to post the patterns as well as submit them for publishing.....should something come of the publishing I can always take the patterns down, but until then I want to share them! =)

No plans for the weekend - I hope to get a few Christmas presents done so I can mail them back to the US - I am going to try to mail some lighter items to my parents to avoid issues with the weight of my luggage after all of the shopping I am sure to do in New York and Argentina! =) I'll have to get it mailed though in the next 2 weeks to be sure it is there by Christmas, so I have a lot to do quickly!

Has everyone started their holiday crafting? I am trying! I did finish a bunch of stitch markers / earrings and have a few snowflakes done. Hopefully I'll get a few scarves churned out this weekend.

I am doing two CAL / KALs currently - A Handy KAL for hand related items and a Hat / Scarves / Mittens / Warm Items CAL. Perfect for my holiday gift giving plans!

My Bags from the October Bag KAL that I took part in are not even close to being done. I think that they will go into the bins and be pulled out in December!

Ta ta for now!


Vik said...

Just 36 days, Kimberly!!!
Fall in Belgium, Spring here! Remember to wear a very light T-shirt when you´ll arrive here, because it´ll be almost Summer! You´ll feel the weather difference! ;)

Deneen said...

Careful posting patterns-the CPAD lets you have the rights, but many places won't take anything that has been published, even for free, anywhere.

Happy Fall!