Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Frog frog frog *grin*

I have been working on the Brea Bag. And I've now had to frog it twice. The first time I was not paying attention, made one error that I decided to leave, and then while not paying attention, dropped several stitches and made a mess of things so I had to frog it.

This time I'm working away, get to the end of a row and have an extra stitch, huh? Re-count my row, everything is there that was supposed to be there, start swearing. And I frog the whole thing again. I was too disgusted to restart it last night, perhaps tonight. It worked up really quickly for me for what I had done so I don't mind restarting it, I'm just peeved that I managed to now fudge it up twice!

On other issues, I've decided to submit my broomstick patterns to the CPAD for 2008. Will see what happens!

Next on my list of hopefully quick gratification projects is the Irish Hiking Wrist Warmers. Eventually I'll make the scarf as well, but for now the wrist warmers will do!

Work has been frightfully busy again - I thought it was supposed to let up a little but so far it has continued to rain down on me! Argh! One of these days I'll have some free time and not be stressed from work. The most latest is that by the end of the day my contacts have developed a smear on them that causes everything to be foggy - no idea where the smear is coming from but it makes my reading of the computer screen a pain in the arse so I've been limiting computer time to the bare minimums!


Vera said...

I'm working on the Irish Hiking Scarf, and may do the hat next.

Angel said...

I'm not gonna make my holiday deadlines on some things either!

I'm glad you're submitting for CPAD '08! I'm sure it will be added!

There are times when I just have to put down a project, complete another one, and then come back to the previous... that, or hurt someone over it. Someone totally innocent! lol

Marvie said...

I hit the link for the wrist warmers, but there are no posts showing... everything else is there but no posts, and when I clicked for the pattern I got nothing either? Am I missing something?

Good luck with the CPAD '08 =) It's a lovely scarf!

Kimberly said...

Hmmm...I checked and it works for me idea why its not working for you! =(

Thansk for the good wishes on the CAPD submission.....I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you're submitting your broomstick lace patterns. I think they would be excellent additions to the calendar.