Tuesday, January 08, 2008

...the First Post of 2008!

A little bit late, but none the less here it is! The first of the 2008 posts!

I am in Zurich again this week – a nice start to the New Year…hopefully this will not be the trend for the year!

To start with, some numbers.....

1 Cascade 220 Wool 6492
2 Patons Classic Wool Merino 5456
3 Noro Kureyon 4552
4 Caron Simply Soft 4147
5 Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride... 3618
6 Malabrigo Yarn Merino Wo... 3615
7 Lily Sugar'n Cream Solid 3536
8 Koigu Painter's Palette ... 3259
9 Lion Brand Wool-Ease Solid 3033
10 Noro Silk Garden 2974

Ever realize that you have missed something somewhere? I look at the top 10 yarns (based on # of projects listed beside each yarn) and I realize that I have only ever used 3 of the 10 (#3, #4 & #7)….that would be considered failing back in school. Of the 7 that I have not used, I currently have 3 of them in my stash (#2, #9 and #10) So I can at least get up to 60% which would be a D-. The remaining four all need to be on-line ordered, so it might take some doing to get them into my little hands, perhaps an order for my trip home during the summer?

So resolution #1……to make a project with all 10 of the 2007 year end top Yarns based on Projects.

Resolution #2…..to finish 52 projects….one for every week…..I know better than to say I will finish 1 project each week =)

Resolution #3…..to use for at least 26 of the projects in #2 yarn that already exists in my stash…should be an easy enough feat considering the size of my stash

Resolution #4….to not buy any more yarn patterns unless the pattern is to be used as part of a stash buster

Resolution #5…….to make at least 2 projects from both the 2008 Knitting Pattern a Day calendar and the 2008 Crochet Pattern a Day calendar

Resolution #6…..to finish all of my currently existing WIPs
Now on to the non-yarn related Resolutions…..

Resolution #7….to lose at least an additional 15 pounds from my current weight

Resoltution #8….to travel to at least 2 of the places on my list of Places to See Before I Die list; http://landofkimberly.blogspot.com/2005/04/places-to-visit-before-i-die.html

Resolution #9…to travel at least once a month for something non-work related (even if its just a day trip to another city in Belgium)

Resolution #10….to make a decision one way or the other on moving back to the US

Well, I have a lot to do here in Zurich the next few days so I had best get busy!

I hope that all is well with everyone!


Angel said...

That's a tons of resolutions! Good luck! I can't wait to see everything you make!

PeWee said...

Lots of resolutions there and each one on their own seems doable, so I'm sure you will accomplish a lot this year!

Faith said...

Wow that is one ambitious set of resolutions, good luck! I hope you are well!

Jimbo said...

Ah Kimberleeee you forgot one more stop on your US places to visit.... Jimbo's front porch.
I'll provide the beer, you the Belgian Beechwood. heh

hope your doing well

.:Cris:. said...

Happy New Year! :)

Good luck with your resolutions.

Vik said...

How many resolutions, dear Kim!
I hope that your trip to Argentina in the "Places to Visit Before I Die List" doesn´t mean you won´t visit us again! I SO MUCH want you here soon!!!

Mimi said...

Good luck on your 2008 resolutions, Kimberly. Looking forward to your coming posts :)

elaines630 said...

Hi Kimberly! I started reading your blog a little bit ago. I am amazed at how you can work so much, travel so much, and still have time for crochet! Anyways, I thought its kinda weird to just read your blog and not say anything - so I am! Hope you are having a good start to this year!